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Enartis Zenith Cold Stability Amendments Closer to U.S. Approval

The administration should take into account the guidelines for the approval of stability instruments MSC. An approved on board stability instrument would not replace the approved Stability Booklet. Stability software should be approved, but the same should not apply to the hardware which could be covered by national standards.

The intent is written to apply to all vessels with provisions for the administration to provide waivers to existing tankers with any of the following conditions:. The author of this paper commented on the compliance options set out above, thus - Option 1 — meets the current regulations, but it is not a practical operational restriction for many, if not most, tankers. Option 2 — meets the current regulations, but the practical reliance on gaining these voyage specific approvals on a timely basis may be a burden to both the operator and to national administration and may limit operational flexibility.

Option 3 — meets the current regulations and many ships are currently operating effectively and safely using this method. For this type of system, the limiting KG or required GM curves versus draft are pre-developed and preapproved and typically would be added to both the Stability Booklet and the loading computer. This would insure compliance with both the damage stability and intact stability requirements. For these reasons Herbert-ABS said that in general, it did not recommend this approach.

2020-2022 Fuel Stability Plan

Option 4 - The only practical solution is to fit an approved damage stability computer program on all tankers. Herbert-ABS said that it agreed and believed that Option 4 provided a solution that will make it easy to demonstrate compliance with the damage stability requirements to the Port State authorities for any cargo, or ballast distribution. With Option 4, the use of an approved computer program to verify that the nonstandard loading condition, complies with the damage stability requirements, can be readily applied to new ship loading computers, or implemented as an upgrade to existing loading computer programs.

It can demonstrate compliance with the damage stability requirements for any of the relevant regulations from IMO and national administration for any type of loading, or ballast loading. And it can also be used to demonstrate this compliance to Port State inspectors or vetting surveyors.

Related News. Apr 01 The question of pressure alarms and sensors has now come to a head. Mar 03 May 13 Tanker owners and operators face increasing scrutiny over system requirements designed to minimise the risk of cargo overpressure, with tighter regulations due to take effect from this summer. Jan 31 This seminar will provide a great resource to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Cell Therapy, Drugs, Biologics, OTC, Radio-pharmaceutical, Pharmacies and Medical Device Industries in understanding the effective way to establish a new or modified product stability testing program.

This program is an important part of a product's regulatory filing requirements as well as the determination of the shelf life or expiration date of the product.

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This is an important part of every business final bottom line or indirectly relationship to their supply and warehouse chain how long the product can be stored before it can be discarded. Understanding how to design and implement an effective stability testing program following the regulatory guidelines will allow the product to be manufactured, tested, released, adequately stored and effectively tested for stability and ultimately used through its actual end point based on the product's potency.

This will eliminate potential loss of product and business income by manufacturers of product i. The focus of this seminar will create a detailed process that will guide the attendees in the right direction in the planning of a new or existing product's stability testing plan, program, protocol, handing and utilizing the data, setting the shelf life as well as the applicable regulatory requirements.

Rate Stability Plan

For this reason, it is important to have clarity and understanding of how to apply this regulation prior to the initiation of a new product stability testing program which includes the protocol design, testing, storage, data management, trending and expiration dating extrapolations and expectations for products in a new or existing IND or NDA application process. The employees who will benefit most include:. The relationship between choosing the right product storage temperature and impact to its shelf life.

Performing an effective sampling plan and utilizing the appropriate sample size for a stability testing program. Performing a compliant sample analysis, handling and effecting the appropriate test specification for the product type. Understand the different ways of performing statistical analysis of the stability test result data manual versus automated software. She has a keen working knowledge of the requirements and regulations guiding new and existing products from planning through design, proof of concept, research and development, technology transfer, pre-clinical, clinical, commercial manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory filings, pre-approval inspections, licensure, government affairs, commercialization and post-approval inspections.

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Stability Unit, Part 1: Introduction to Stability

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Delineating the program requirement specific to a type of product. Applicable Regulation and Requirements. Storage Temperature for various types of products. Case Study 1 and Suggested Resolution 4. Best practices when selecting Stability test data LIMS Vendor The various parts of the Stability test data management software Common mistakes made during the purchase of some Stability data management software.

Choosing the best LIMS software programs used for stability test data management. Session 5: 2.

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Case Study 2 and Suggested Resolution 2. Case Study 3 and Suggested Resolution 4.