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Version 3. Useful for backing up the configuration, moving the program to another computer, etc.

Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes Version 3. Version 2. New: improved compatibility Fix: randomly closing menus when opening the context menu of an item Fix: minor bug fixes Version 2.

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Support for user defined file extensions and objects to exclude from FastFolders menus Fix: menu highlight no longer gets stuck in context menus of slow devices while the device is accessed Fix: minor bug fixes Version 2. Jim Boyce.

Recovery Console: Guide for Windows XP

Paperback des pages. For those who are faced with switching over to the powerful but often confusing Windows , Windows Quick Fixes offers something completely new: not just solutions, but a fast, easy way to find them. The Recovery Console enables you to read NTFS volumes, a major advantage and important reason for installing the console. A common use for the Recovery Console is to make system changes that are preventing you from booting the system.

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For example, you might have installed an application that installed a buggy or incompatible driver, and the driver is preventing the system from booting. You can boot the Recovery Console, disable the driver, then reboot normally to fix the problem. You can also treat the Recovery Console as a sort of quick command console that lets you access your Windows system without booting the full GUI. Whatever the need, the Recovery Console gives you a quick way to boot the system without the GUI and perform a variety of tasks, including system troubleshooting and repair.

Recovering Windows 2000, Windows XP Operating Systems

When you install the Recovery Console it is added to the boot menu and the corresponding files are copied to the hard disk. Follow these steps to install the Recovery Console:. Insert the Windows CD in the system and select No if prompted to upgrade to Windows or hold down the Shift key when inserting the CD to bypass autorun. Follow these steps to run the Recovery Console from the Setup disks:.

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