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Application Potential with Gmail

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In addition to resume review are a series of essential tasks required to push the candidates through the recruitment process such as scheduling interviews and sending reminders for reporting. Automating such administrative tasks can save a lot of precious time besides helping make the hiring process quicker and convenient.

Holacracy and Self-Organization

A wise interplay of automation and human engagement implies greater efficiency and timely delivery of information and correspondence. On the other side, AI recruiters come with an understated yet significant advantage eliminated unconscious human biases in short-listing candidates. Apart from talent acquisition tools that help speed up recruitment, organizations today are looking to extensively use artificial intelligence backed programs for onboarding.

As a new employee, you typically expect to be welcomed to an organization and briefed about your job profile and other important matters.

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Imagine, a new employee reaching his desk and finding all new hire information in an app or on his laptop, with all details such as reporting authority, team members and tasks assigned for the first week at work. Physical presence is one the biggest challenges confronting HR managers and use of artificial intelligence-backed tools is increasingly playing a greater role in performing routine administrative tasks. This unshackles HR persons from the burden of cumbersome routine, involving repetitive low-value tasks and allows them time to focus on more productive and strategic work that require greater interpersonal approach.

A lot of repetitive and low-value tasks often consume a huge amount of time and energy on the part of HR managers.

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Such problems can be easily resolved by using AI-powered tools to create electronic employee helpdesks where users can feed their queries and receive automatic responses. At Sun Life Financial, we are working to create an HR bot where users can simply punch their questions and receive answers without the need for interaction with an HR manager. The power to leverage Big Data also allows us the ability to track not just employee performance but also employee mood over a period of time.

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Already there are AI platforms in the market created to identify employees that might be heading out. Similarly, moodometers created to track employee sentiment over a period of time are aiding in singling out disgruntled employees. While most skilling and learning programs are usually led by managers and HR executives, a series of AI supported programs can be used by employees to improve their skills.

Article: How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing Human Resource functions — People Matters

For example, organizations are investing in gaming-based programs that help employees build their key skills while ostensibly playing computer games. A lot of aspects of learning and development have today moved into the self-service domain. Short duration digital courses based on micro learning allow individuals to seek learning in an online module without the need of any real time classroom or teacher.

While AI has been influencing our lives for decades, in HR its disruptive emergence can be traced back to just a few years. Actual disruptive technology started pouring in over the last couple of years, with significant money being invested in the domain and revolutionary products being developed. As we move forward, we are looking at major AI-influenced changes transforming HR.

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API: Application Programming Interface A language and message format used by an application program to communicate with the operating system or some other control program such as a database management system DBMS or communications protocol. APIs are implemented by writing function calls in the program, which provide the linkage to the required subroutine for execution.

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  • Thus, an API implies that a driver or program module is available in the computer to perform the operation or that software must be linked into the existing program to perform the tasks. For a more in depth definition includes more technical jargon see the Wikipedia definition. This can still seem a little confusing, check out the Twitter example in the drop down below.

    Twitter API Example If you were to jump on your smartphone right now, and you happen to be a twitter user, chances are you are going to open the mobile application, rather than going to your web browser and visiting twitter, right? Perhaps you would like to visit a profile, see their last 10 tweets, get their name, and read the short snippet of text on their profile. Well in order for this to be accomplished, an API must be used. Pretty neat, right? So how does an API for email revolutionize anything or give you, the end user, a better experience?

    Some common mail clients that you would be familiar with include: Gmail, Lycos Mail, Outlook. Notice how these are some pretty big names — now imagine the cost to commission a project to create the next Gmail — Sounds pretty expensive right? It never made sense for a company to essentially build a new mail client just to add features to their email, it was just too expensive.