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Songs of Life by The Crossing Church.

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Dan Hahn. Oh What a Day! In This Book Church of the Living God Risen Sing for Joy Glorious Christ has Made it Known Great Redeeming King I Rejoice During we made an effort to accompany our teaching with our own songs, written specifically for each sermon series. Songs About Life is the result of that joyful labour.

The Crossing, Clayton

We offer these songs up to God in praise and thanksgiving, and out to you for encouragement and joy. Tags christian devotional life rejoice worship Singapore. We are introduced to a man who is not fighting for his life, but one who is taking a beating. We have an image of fists raining on him as he sways, perhaps a little from alcohol it is a bar after all , but definitely because of the fists pounding him. Instead of cries, which are reasonable to expect since the man is not fighting back, we are told he is smiling in the face of this assault.

What is keeping him up and above the chaos of the moment? It is at this point that Clegg zooms inside the man, and inside him we are introduced to two figures. The final line takes us home here with such emotional force, especially for those who have lost loved ones with whom they have unbreakable bonds.


It would seem to me that while Johnny Clegg left us music, his truest legacy had almost nothing to do with the crossover sounds that he and Sipho Mchunu created. It was the whistle, two years later, that halted then migrant labourer and gardener Sipho Mchunu in the street. Johnny would invite him into his home for the beginnings of something the world had never seen. This was in a world where Africans and white people were demanded by law to not mix.

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It only mattered that he was interested in a particular sound as a creative being. He connected honestly with the people with whom he played and discussed that sound, such that they let him into who they were and vice versa. Again the truest legacy is not so much in the music but in daring to make it when everything around him would have told him to not go in the direction where the music lay. He was not political and had no interest in being active in politics with his music creations.

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It was politics that found him because it became an impediment to moving freely within the expression of his art. But still, against those politics and the apartheid terror machine he dared to create, tour, and break the law by being in places and spaces that were wrong for him. However, this daring to do is not courageous most in that it went against the grain of society and triumphed.

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It is courageous because the rest of us simply never dare to turn into reality the dreams and whispers of our hearts while our hearts still have the ability to tick. Juluka and Savuka made many songs. Since the coming together of Johnny and Sipho in , Johnny created an almost unending discography. A discography does not make itself. It takes work.

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It takes a dream. He did not defy the police and the system for their sake. Johnny Clegg was simply doing something many of us aught to do.

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He was following an interest — doing something he loves.