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Ionian sea. The old man poked the pile of embers and ash where something was roasting. He retrieved a package wrapped in aluminium foil and unfolded it. He held up a sardine enclosed in a thick salt crust. The fisherman leaned closer.

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Old recipe. Back to Odysseus. He took one bite.

Requiem for Nature

As the old man reached for a second sardine, a woman emerged from the little house behind them, with the whitewashed walls and the blue windows. Just another nobody in the long string of nobodies the alien had approached. She came bearing gifts of alcohol, and the alien mumbled something to her. A moment of wide-eyed silence, then a slow shake of her head.

Not oinos kekramenos.

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Try that. Better than ambrosia. Then other dishes came out: olives and grilled peppers and hard bread softened with olive oil and topped with goat cheese. A long stare. He held out his open palm.

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The visage of an ancient copper drachma flickered on it. His palm closed a little too slow, as if in pain. She sighed, and nodded, and offered him more ouzo. And for the Ferryman. Beneath the crescent Moon, three old-timers ate and drank their night away, two of them counting their lifespans in decades, the third in millennia. When dawn came, they were gone. Only then did humankind realize how much the alien craft had looked like a coffin.

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But they never found it to confirm it, nor did they find the old couple, and soon they were all forgotten. An essential round-up of science news, opinion and analysis, delivered to your inbox every weekday. Advanced search.

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She was a finalist for the WSFA award. Search for this author in: Pub Med Nature. PDF version. Possibly in the past, there was too much of hellfire. Today there is surely too little of it.

Requiem for Nature

Being human, we never quite get the balance right. What matters most is the enrichment of the Novus Ordo, which can happen independently of any changes to the Old Rite. The Old Rite Requiem shows us the awe-inspiring nature of death. Francis Phillips. Slice 1.

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