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'We felt complete': why I chose to have only one child

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Raising boys to be feminists doesn't just help girls and women. It helps boys, too.

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How Feminism Fails Boys

Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 22 16 iindex 36 Articles Cited by. Theories and practices of empowered mothering.

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Modern dads are learning to provide for their kids with more than just their paychecks. Photo taken from the Daddy Doin' Work Instagram feed, used with permission. In other words, boys can learn to grow up to be the type of dad everyone expects them to be. There are people who think that teaching our boys to be feminists is a bad idea.

But what isn't up for debate is we need to do whatever we can to help our boys to become the best men they can be. For more insight into what "toxic masculinity" looks like, and why it's important to fight it, check out the recent documentary "The Mask You Live In," which explores how boys deal with navigating between being true to themselves and satisfying society's definitions of masculinity. Needless to say, it can be a tough road for our young men. It's up to us to help them. Twenty million of these Americans have felony convictions that can destroy their chances of making a comfortable living and prevents them from voting out the lawmakers who imprisoned them.

Many of these convictions are drug-related and stem from the War on Drugs that began in the U.

How Feminism Is Stifling Our Sons

This war has unfairly targeted the minority community, especially African-Americans. Climate change is happening because the earth is warming at an accelerated rate, a significant portion of that acceleration is due to human activity, and not taking measures to mitigate it will have disastrous consequences for life as we know it.

In other words: Earth is heating up, it's kinda our fault, and if we don't fix it, we're screwed. This is the consensus of the vast majority of the world's scientists who study such things for a living. Case closed. End of story. How do we know this to be true? Because pretty much every reputable scientific organization on the planet has examined and endorsed these conclusions. Thousands of climate studies have been done, and multiple peer-reviewed studies have been done on those studies, showing that somewhere between 84 and 97 percent of active climate science experts support these conclusions.

Two years ago, a tweet featuring the invoice for a fixed boiler went viral because the customer, a year-old woman with leukemia, received the services for free. The repair was done by James Anderson, 52, a father-of-five from Burnley, England. I live in a family with various food intolerances. Thankfully, none of them are super serious, but we are familiar with the challenges of finding alternatives to certain foods, constantly checking labels, and asking restaurants about their ingredients. In our family, if someone accidentally eats something they shouldn't, it's mainly a bit of inconvenient discomfort.

For those with truly life-threatening food allergies, the stakes are much higher. I can't imagine the ongoing stress of deadly allergy, especially for parents trying to keep their little ones safe. Follow Us. Stories Worth Sharing. Explore more.

Re-reading parenting manuals, I realise they are DIY guides to toxic masculinity

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Joanna Schroder is a proud feminist. She wants to raise her two sons to be proud feminists as well. But once her two sons came into the picture, things changed a bit. It builds the foundation that boys are never justified in hurting or bullying girls. Bullying is never OK.

Photo from iStock. There are a lot of seemingly innocent things we say about our boys: "Boys will be boys. He's just mean to you because he likes you. Yep, it's OK for boys to be emotional. Yes, boys can cry, too. Or have they?

Mothers & Sons Feminism, Masculinity, and the Struggle to Raise Our Sons

GIF from "Inside Out. It prepares boys to be loving, supportive dads in the future. No matter what you think of feminist parenting, we all have one thing in common. Joanna agrees. She just has strong opinions on how to go about it. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are making a serious push to expunge people's pot convictions National Expungement Week is Spetember 21 to