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We need presenters! Thinking about being a presenter? The address is: E Michigan Street on the 8 th floor. Check out the GroupBy site. This is a free community-based training site organized by Brent Ozar.

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Submit, review, rate an abstract at the GroupBy site. Presented by: Mike F Robbins mikefrobbins. Need to accomplish something? How will you interface with PowerShell? If so, which one? This is a free community-based training site organized by Brent Ozar. Submit, review, rate an abstract at the GroupBy site. Presented by: Mike F Robbins mikefrobbins.

Need to accomplish something? How will you interface with PowerShell? If so, which one? Or maybe you should just write your own custom. NET code that can be executed with PowerShell? During this session, Mike F. Robbins will clarify and demonstrate. The second and largest change—the book is now separated into two parts: a Learning Guide and a Reference Guide.

PowerShell has a steep learning curve and it is an important aspect of this update to give you a path to quickly learn PowerShell.

Windows PowerShell [01] Introduction

PowerShell has many features and capabilities; many of these you need to know well to be successful in solving day to day problems and perform automation tasks. When this book was first written, many readers already had experience with other scripting languages, like VBScript.

Today, admins with little or no experience are finding that PowerShell can help them and that they need a way to learn from the ground up. The Learning Guide was designed with the admin in mind, taking you through the basics—into the deep corners—and bringing you out on top of the most powerful management tool available for Microsoft environments. Each chapter includes exercises, to give you a chance to try out your new skills.

These exercises were designed with real world applications in mind. We also want you to know that the exercises in this book have been tested and used for years by the authors. They are cryptic—like real life. The exercises are not step by step.

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They are designed to start you thinking about how to solve the problem and how to discover the solution. This may seem frustrating at first, but try it out. If you work through them, you will build the necessary skills with PowerShell. The process of thinking through the problem will be worth it! The exercises are short, so take some extra time to experiment on your own. There is nothing better than trying to apply these concepts in your own environment.

Top 50 PowerShell Blogs And Websites For Developers

Part 2—The Reference Guide The reference portion of the guide still contains many of the same great topics from the previous versions of the book. Additional topics have been added to give you updates about the latest version of PowerShell. Try to finish the Learning Guide, first, before you dive into the Reference Guide. Many of the topics are advanced and assume that you already are comfortable with the information in the Learning Guide section. The Reference Guide also contains additions such as workflow, which was first introduced in PowerShell version 3.

In fact, you may be solving problems and creating automation without this information entirely. The idea is that if there comes a time when you need this information, it will be waiting for you. This is the primary reason we added exercises.

Learning a tool like PowerShell takes practice and experimentation. We have tried to make the requirements simple, but you can extend your environment to gain more experience and test some of your own ideas. We have provided a complete setup guide in the Appendix, for both the basic and extended environments, but you probably already know how to build your own, so I will just cover the general requirements. The basic environment To start learning PowerShell and using the exercises in this book requires nothing more than PowerShell on your laptop or computer.

You should be using the latest version, which can be downloaded from Microsoft. This way you can experiment without any fear of hurting your local computer or deleting files. We always keep a VM around for quick testing and experimentation. You can always download the evaluation software for Windows Server R2 or Windows 8.

This environment consists of virtual machines VMs to recreate a small production environment. Here is what we recommend: 1. Domain controller running on Windows Server R2.

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