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Database Management with phpMyAdmin

The PMA interface is very self-describing, I found a nice feature for people working with multiple databases accessed by the same user. The nested display will show tables for each database without selecting a different database. Do you know the vertical mode for editing multiple records?

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A great feature if you edit records the same time. Exporting content or complete database tables is a very common function in PMA, but do you noticed the export function even for results based on queries? For all users on shared hosting platforms is this following feature very useful: By default the upload size and memory limit are very limited. Uploading data import files bigger than 2MB compressed could be a problem.

Mastering Phpmyadmin For Effective Mysql Management

Create one central folder and upload your import files via FTP, after then select the file from the select box on the import screen. Just access the search tab without selecting a database table and search for data using wild cards, an exact phrase or regular expressions get results from your whole database.

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Hi Olaf, Thanks for this review. I would just like to draw attention to the fact that this book has been updated after I never realised that it has so many possibilities. I just use it to check and change some table-content for background administrations.

Hey thanks for this valuable info. But i found SQLyog as a rocking tool as mysql db management tool. Give a try!!!

This is the first book that covers version 3. It has been fully updated from the previous version that covered phpMyAdmin Version 2. It is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of phpMyAdmin.

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It builds a solid understanding of the core capabilities of phpMyAdmin before walking you through every facet right from showing you how to set up and manage the database with clear, step-by-step instructions and screenshots to exploring the less well known and generally under-used features and capabilities of phpMyAdmin in depth.

Whether you are an experienced developer, system administrator, web designer or new to MySQL and phpMyAdmin, this book will show you how to increase your productivity and control when working with your MySQL. The book is a step-by-step tutorial for phpMyAdmin explaining and demonstrating the potential of this tool with clear instructions and screenshots. After covering installation and basic features of phpMyAdmin it goes on to show its less well known and generally under-used features and capabilities.