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Do Beekeeping. Orren Fox. Hunters, Herders, and Hamburgers. Richard W. Zoo Animals.

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Geoff Hosey. Keeping Chickens For Dummies.

Pammy Riggs. British Sheep Breeds.

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Susannah Robin Parkin. Collins Beekeeper's Bible. Wisdom for Beekeepers. Jim Tew. Bee Manual. Claire Waring. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? David Cramp. With their vital pollinating activities, bees are one of the most ecologically useful and important insects, and beekeeping must rate as one of the most interesting and satisfying hobbies. The structure and hierarchy of a beehive and the behaviour of bees is fascinating, and the end product, honey, is a fitting reward for a beekeeper's care.

Since the decline of the honeybee worldwide owing to disease and intensive farming, there has been a huge re-surge of interest in beekeeping, and many new beekeepers have taken up the challenge of keeping bees, particularly in urban areas. They can enjoy the honey that is produced, and help the environment at the same time by supporting the bees? The book answers a lot of questions that prospective beekeepers may ask.

It covers setting up your beehives, caring for bees and beehives, and harvesting honey from your honeybee colonies. The authors of book are Daniel and Samantha Johnson. These are two skilled beekeepers with years of experience between them. They write well and share their skills with you in an easy to understand way. From start to finish, the authors walk you to raising a healthy and happy beehive of honeybees. Beekeeping can be as rigorous as it is rewarding. This book is a good guide to help you in making any crucial decisions you may come across.

These include when to start beekeeping, where to practice beekeeping and how to go about establishing your beehive. The book has excellent information and tips covering bee anatomy and behavior, considerations about beehive location, installation and maintenance of your beehive with bees in it. This is a book that works for both beginners and pro beekeepers. It is worth having a copy of this book lying around.

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In Flexibound, the book has pages of information to share with you. It has information regarding the process of setting up beehives to harvesting honey. The book is authored by Alethea Morrison. Photography in the book by Mars Vilaubi shows you the inner workings of beehives. Alethea Morrison has in Homegrown Honey Bees — Absolute Beginners Guide to Beekeeping , shared the joys of backyard beekeeping and outlines most of what beekeepers need in their first year.

In-depth discussions centered on bee behavior, colony hierarchy and allergies are found in the book. Informative writing used in the book energizes and encourages beekeepers who read it.

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It does not have much for already pro beekeepers. It is however a great book to have as a reference even when you have been at beekeeping for some time. The information in the book is handy for the times you when need to address a problem in your beehives or with your bee colonies. The book is widely available both online and at bookstores.

Due to its ease of reading and following, the book is a great gift to give to a beekeeper that is just starting out in beekeeping.

Confidence in beekeeping is only achieved if you are sure of what you are doing. This beekeeping book lives up to its promise. It has pages in its paperback format. This beekeeping book is excellent for backyard beekeepers. It has information about getting started with your first colony. It also guides you on beehive assembly and maintenance. This book is suited for all skill levels.

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It is adequately descriptive as a guide for beekeepers. While beginners are especially suited by this book, it provides a good reference for professionals too. It is a good source of information to help you make more informed decisions in beekeeping. There are 6 areas of beekeeping covered in Beekeeping for Dummies. They include management of a Langstroth and top bar hive, keeping bees in the suburbs and city, and how to get bees and keep them safely.

The book also delves into beehive inspections and maintenance. It gives you information about identifying and fixing common problems with your bees and beehive. Beekeeping for Dummies is authored by Howland Blackiston. He shares with you more than 30 years of beekeeping experience and tips.

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This beekeeping book is sold in both paperback and e-book versions. The e-book is designed for Kindle readers. There are pages in the paperback version of the book. This former president of the Backyard Beekeepers Association presents information clearly and easily digestible. Technical language that would be too difficult to understand for amateur beekeepers is rarely used in the book.

It gives you a strong foundation of information to jump from. Other more advanced beekeeping books you read will be easier to understand once you have been through this one. The complex and time honored tradition of beekeeping becomes enjoyable with a copy of The Backyard Beekeeper 4 th Edition.

Since it was first written, The Backyard Beekeeper has guided beekeepers of all skill levels in both urban and rural settings. The fourth edition was released in January Kim shares experience and skills gained over a period of more than a decade in the book. Beginners may read other books alongside this one. A number of recipes for products made from beehive products are found in the book.

They include creams, balms and butters. This beekeeping handbook features useful expert advice about setting up and taking care of bee colonies, selection of a location for your beehive s , practical and safe ways to take care of honeybees, using top-bar hives, swarm control, problems that bees may develop and how to address them, beehive products harvesting and their various uses.

The book is visually appealing and an interesting read with it illustrations, photographs and callouts highlighting the very critical pieces of information.

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She shares her passion of beekeeping along with knowledge and skills about the practice of beekeeping in the book. The book is sold in Kindle and paperback format. It has pages and contains more than color photos that make understanding the contents of the book very easy. The book is well researched and detailed. It also incorporates some practical beekeeping skills.

This makes it very well suited as a book that will help you move from being a beginner to an intermediate beekeeper. As you gain beekeeping experience, it is good to have a copy of the book for reference purposes. It is broken by pictures and gives easy to follow instructions to beekeepers. The book is quite informative.