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5th Symposium volume: Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics

Is this product missing categories? Add more categories. Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Special order. This item is a special order that could take a long time to obtain. Description Details Customer Reviews "Himalayan Languages and Linguistics" gathers together nine outstanding and original contributions on the Tibeto-Burman and Indo-Aryan languages of this important and culturally diverse mountainous area.

Filling a marked gap in our understanding of the languages of this underdocumented region, the collection offers a snapshot of the state of the field of Himalayan language research and linguistic comparison. Drawing on primary fieldwork in China, India, Nepal and Pakistan, as well as on comparative sources, the new analyses outlined in these contributions will interest a readership of linguists, philologists, anthropologists, historians, lexicographers and specialists in the languages and cultures of Inner and South Asia.

Contributions cover topics as diverse as linguistic palaeontology, orthographical standardisation, dialectology, phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Delhi: Cambridge University Press.. Kurtoep and Tibetan. Huber, M.


Volkart, and P. Widmer, eds. Geburtstag, The semantic structure of Klamath bipartite stems. Fernandez-Vest, ed. Paris: L'Harmattan. Adposition as a non-universal category. Frajzyngier et. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins. Location and direction in Klamath. Shay and U. Seibert, eds. Philadelphia: Benjamins. Relativization in Tibetan. Kathmandu: Royal Nepal Academy. Grammaticalization and the gradience of categories: Relator nouns and postpositions in Tibetan and Burmese.

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Evidentiality in Tibetic. In Alexandra Aikhenvald ed. London: Oxford University Press. Classical Tibetan. Thurgood and R.

Mark Turin

Lhasa Tibetan. Evidentiality and mirativity in Tibeto-Burman. In Hans Hock, K. Subbarao, and Elena Bashir eds. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Grammaticalization and syntax: A Functional view. Le klamath.

Historical Linguistics

Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. Booij, C. Lehmann, J. Mugdan, and S.

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

Skopeteas, eds. Berlin: De Gruyter. Bright, ed. NY: Oxford University Press. Croom Helm. Edited Books Edited volume IJAL Notes, reviews, and papers in conference proceedings Bipartite verbs in languages of western North America. In Filchenko, Andrei, and Olga Potanina, eds. Tomsk: Tomsk State Pedagogical University. Functions of Language The blue bird of ergativity. Qeixalos, ed. Relativization and nominalization in Bodic. In Patrick Chew ed. Berkeley: Berkeley Linguistic Society. Argument structure of Klamath bipartite stems.

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  • 5th Symposium volume: Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics!

In Andrew Simpson ed. What an innatist argument should look like. Haukioja, M-L Helasvuo, and M. Miestamo, eds.

Studies in Phonology, Semantics, Morphology and Syntax - Dimensions

Penutian in the bipartite stem belt: Disentangling areal and genetic correspondences. Invited paper Dixon, Ergativity. Journal of Linguistics Grammaticalization and linguistic theory. Boulder: Dept. Invited keynote address. Diachronic notes on the Klamath verb suffixes. DeLancey, ed. Cross-linguistic evidence for the structure of the Agent prototype. Papers and reports on child language development, no. Michailovksy, La langue hayu.

Klamath stem structure in genetic and areal perspective. Morphological parallels between Klamath and Wintu.

Redden, ed. Carbondale, IL: Dept. Lhasa Tibetan evidentials and the semantics of causation. Transitivity and ergative case in Lhasa Tibetan. Categories of non-volitional actor in Lhasa Tibetan. Zide et. Agentivity in syntax. Comrie, Language Universals and Linguistic Typology. Agentivity and causation: Data from Newari. A localistic account of aspect in Jinghpaw. The Tibeto-Burman tense-aspect mechanisms. University of Michigan Papers in Linguistics 2. Book notices and translations: Golla, ed. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. American Anthropologist Matisoff, The Grammar of Lahu.

Koshal, Conversational Ladakhi. Trnka, Selected Papers in Structural Linguistics. Harbsmeier, Aspects of Classical Chinese. Tanz, Studies in the Acquisition of Deictic Terms. Koshal, Ladakhi Grammar. Kepping, Sun' Tszy v Tangutskom perevodje. Keynote conference lectures Internal and external history of the Central branch of Trans-Himalayan. Language documentation: Its significance and scope in NE India. Reconstructing hierarchical argument indexation in Trans-Himalayan. University of Washington, Seattle, 8 September Retention and divergence in Tibeto-Burman agreement systems.

Grammaticalization and the theory of word classes. The Tibeto-Burman language family. The semantic transparency of Klamath bipartite stems. Helsinki, September The bipartite stem belt: Disentangling areal and genetic correspondences.

English Pedagogy- Important Words(Phonetics,Syntax,Semantics,Diphthongs,Lexical word)

Other invited lectures Back to Kuki-Naga. Mirativity and evidentiality in typological perspective. Alignment and verb agreement in Tibeto-Burman. Typology of Himalayan Languages. Towards a Proto-Tibeto-Burman syntax. Languages of Western North America. The phantom of ergativity. Oregon Native languages and their speakers. Functional-Typological Grammar. Adpositions and the nature of word classes. Complex verb stems in Klamath. Relativization in Bodic. Bipartite verb stems in western North America. University of Turku Finland , 22 October Deixis, topicality, and the inverse.

An introduction to Localist Grammar. Linguistics Program, Reed College, 6 February Argument structure and verb lexicalization patterns in English, Tibetan, and Klamath.

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  8. Proto-Kiranti verb agreement in Tibeto-Burman perspective. What is grammatical evidence, and how do we interpret it? Toward a typology of inverse constructions. Lhasa Tibetan clause organization and the semantic analysis of event structure. Inverse in structural and functional typology. Transitivity in cognitive grammar. A semantically-driven lexis-analysis-synthesis cycle in Tibeto-Burman. Symposium on Iconicity in Language, Stanford. Toward a history of Tai classifier systems. Case marking and verb agreement in localist case grammar.

    Linguistic Circle, University of Georgia. Symposium on Evidentiality, U. Other conference papers Information structure particles in Tibeto-Burman languages. Kiranti and the reconstruction of Proto-Trans-Himalayan verbal person marking. Uppsala, 16 September Verb agreement in Trans-Himalayan Sino-Tibetan. Grammatical categories for Tibeto-Burman languages.

    Evidentiality, modality, mirativiy, and personal knowledge. Additive among the discourse particles in Bodo. Tibeto-Burman languages of the Indo-Myanmar borderland. Historical dynamics of morphological complexity in Tibeto-Burman. What happened in Nagaland? Argument indexation verb agreement in Kuki-Chin. On the origins of Sinitic.