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So take a look and find a wonderful new scarf pattern to cast on. The Noro Striped Scarf is a common pattern that's been written up by many knitters over the years. We like the version of this scarf that Jared Flood detailed in his "Notebook" over at Brooklyn Tweed. I love this project because while you're manually striping Noro, it also stripes itself! This results in quite a few interesting and sometimes unexpected color variations.

If you know how to knit and purl than you can make this scarf! The deep and soft rib of this scarf looks like it's much more work than it actually is. So jump in and give it a go. This scarf is a quick and easy pattern. This makes it a great pattern for your own hand spun yarn, or some delicate stash yarn that's been waiting for just the right scarf project. Look up at the sky every day for a year, and knit a row in the colors you see.

It will remind you of the gorgeous warm summer you experienced or bring you back to the first day that winter started to close in. When you drape your finished Sky Scarf around your neck, you'll recall how soothing it was to pay attention to the sky, every day, for a full year. The Instant Gratification Scarf is a warm and rewarding project to pick up and requires less yarn than you might think. There is no wrong side to this fun and quick knit.

It works for both thin and thick yarn we prefer the latter , and is great for showing off yarns with unique color ways. Appreciate the wonder of life on Earth while we drift across a mostly cold and dark universe. Knit your way from the Big Bang to this very moment. Break up the eons of time with flashes of brilliant color. Each color represents a milestone in the development of life, from the formation of the Milky Way to photosynthesis to the appearance of human beings just like you. Your finished scarf is an accurate time scale model of just about everything that ever was.

It looks good out on the town too! This scarf is a gorgeous and interesting pattern that is based on the star stitch. It's an easily adjustable pattern that works with many types of yarn. The stitches create a tight pattern, making this a great option for cold winter climates. The edge stitches keep the pattern looking classy and uniform. This makes this project a perfect stash busting project, where you can use up any leftover worsted weight yarn. Or use your own personal hand spun yarn if you're a bit more crafty.

But afterwards, it turns into a gorgeous, soft and luxurious creation that makes it a must knit! The finished scarf is smooth and has the simplicity of stockinette, without all of the normal rolled edges. This is a wonderful scarf for warmer winter days, or slightly chilly spring ones! The Saroyan Scarf was inspired by Saroyan of course! This is a fairly easy project until you get to the lace leaves, which can be a bit tricky.

The combination of an easy scarf body and more complicated edging makes this a great scarf knitting pattern for beginners that want to push themselves.

Easy Knitted Socks: Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter

This is a gorgeous lace pattern, perfect for beginning lace knitters. This was the first lace scarf I ever knit, and it turned out beautifully. Jane Richmond's designs are always lovely with easy to follow instructions. Her Mustard Scarf is no exception. This is a simple and short scarf. It has an open lace look to it, and a button closure that keeps it together. This is a great instant gratification project, or a last minute hand made gift. In DK weight, it knits up as a substantial yet not bulky cowl that will keep you warm on those chilly moonlit nights.

The hitchhiker shawlette is a great starting shawl as it's fairly simple but still more challenging than a basic scarf. This pattern works well with variegated yarns, as it picks up interesting colors and highlights the color changes. It's great to take along on trips to big cities in the winter as it has a refined look and will keep you nice and toasty too! Keep in mind that it's an asymmetric shawl, which gives it the feeling of a scarf more than a shawl. Best of all, it's as fun to knit as it is to wear.

Imagine yourself standing at the North Pole. You'd need something to keep warm, right?

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Well then look up and let the stars inspire an accurate representation of the sky in the form of a pi shawl. Caron Cupcakes Knit Beanie. Jansen Knitted Beanie. Stallion Crochet Square. Beetle Aviator Cap.

Sock knitting tutorial on 9" circular needles - Cast on - Part 1

Crochet Angel. Milford Crochet. Bernat Blanket Stash Basket. Shiver Knit Cowl. Diagonal Knit Blanket Square. Brighton Cotton Blend Coasters.

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Malibu Overtop. Chunky Plush Scarf. Big Softy Rug. Lion Brand Heartland Chevron Shawl. Mawson Beanie. Chunky Plush Broad Scarf. Regency Jacket. Tootgarook Garland. Brighton Cotton Blend Rainbow Basket. Wonder Wool Striped Scarf. Marvel Soft Triangle Scarf. Marvel Soft Double Yarn Cardigan.

Marvel Soft Garter Stitch Jumper. Unisex Aran Cardigan.

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Malibu Jacket. Ombre Delights Texture Stitch Wrap. Learn To Crochet Today. Beetle Unicorn Beanie. Pure Wool Entwine Ribbed Jacket. Kung Fu Wall Hanging. Kung Fu Bowl. Jansen Ombre Jumper. Wonder Wool Waistcoat. Elenna Granny Square Throw. Tolve Rug With Infinity Loom. Sloth Scarf. Chunky Plush Beanie. Wool To Be Wild Cardi. Koala Headband. Crochet Wall Hanging. Crochet Crown.

Marvel 8Ply Crochet Motifs. Embroidered Top. Brighton Cotton Blend Crochet Butterflies. Wonder Wool Cowl. Anette Eriksson Jeans Drawstring Top. Anette Eriksson Cotton Soft Dress. Anette Eriksson Eco Cotton Dress. Marvel 8Ply Colour Crochet Squares. Knitted Remembrance Poppy Project. Wizard Hat. Kringle Sparkle Wall Hanging. Wool Ease Brisbane Scarf.

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  • Easy Knitted Socks - Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter by Jeanette Trotman | DBNY.
  • Forget the Funny Sweater: Here Are 6 Real Benefits of Knitting?

Gingerbread House. Caron Cakes Basic Knit Beanie. Ombre Delights Rainbow Wall Hanging. Wonder Wool Wall Hanging.

3. One Row Hand Spun Scarf

Pure Wool Blanket Square. Elenna Scarf. Flower Pot Holder. Pony 4ply Unicorn Rainbow Scarf. Knitted Baby Shawl. Busy Bee Beanie. Shiver Bear Rug. Jansen Knitted Scarf. Caron Pantone Asymmetrical Knit Shawl. Loopy Easy Garter Stitch. Crochet Cactus Garden. Bernat Pet Knitted Dog Coat. Bernat Pet Knit Pet Bed. Bernat Pet Crochet Pet Bed. Marvel 12ply Pixie Hat. Northcote Cotton Kids Cardi. Beetle Knit Pattern.