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There are human bones, buried in an open field, the remains of a lost teenaged boy whose disappearance devastated a community more than thirty-five-years ago A long-hidden horror has been unearthed, dragging a tormented policeman into a past he could never truly forget no matter how desperately he tried.

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Because the secrets that doomed young Graham Marshall back in remain alive and lethal, and disturbing them could cost Banks much more than he ever imagined. Having already shown, in 's In a Dry Season , that he can plumb historical homicide for gripping modern drama, Peter Robinson goes further in Close to Home , telling parallel stories about teenage boys lost in a grownup world, decades apart.

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The first is Graham Marshall, a childhood pal of Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, who vanished mysteriously in , the supposed victim of a pedophile. Meanwhile, Banks's colleague and ex-lover, Annie Cabbot, is busy probing the recent disappearance of year-old Luke Armitage, the sensitive, brainy son of a rock star who committed suicide during Luke's infancy.

After Cabbot catches hell for interrupting what may or may not have been a legitimate ransom payment for Luke's return, she seeks Banks's advice, drawing these two plot lines neatly together. As this intense and intricately crafted puzzler develops, blending fiction with a bit of fact the Kray brothers, who ran a criminal ring in London's East End during the midth century, play off-camera roles here , Robinson explores Banks's troubled relationship with his parents, especially his working-class father, who "had never approved of his choice of career.

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Working with themes of lost youth and the dark secrets hidden in small towns, Robinson delivers in this 13th Banks novel a police procedural of remarkable human depth. Kingston Pierce. While recuperating from the events of Aftermath on a Greek island, Inspector Alan Banks reads that the bones of his childhood friend, Graham Marshall, have been dug up in a field not far away from the road where he disappeared more than thirty-five years earlier.

Intrigued by the discovery, and still consumed with guilt because of a related incident he failed to report at the time, Banks returns to his hometown in Cambridgeshire and becomes peripherally involved in the investigation, headed by newcomer Detective Inspector Michelle Hart. At the same time, a few counties away, the case of another missing teenager — the son of a famous model and step-son of anex-footballer, is handed to DI Annie Cabbot. Banks shuttles between the two cases far apart in time but perhaps not so far apart in character.

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When the lives of both detectives are threatened, Banks searches his own memories for clues, until he is finally forced to confront truths he would rather avoid, and finds that, in these investigations, the boundary between victim and perpetrator, guardian of the law and law-breaker is becoming ever more blurred. A gripping crime novel, set in the present day, The Summer That Never Was is also a gritty and evocative portrait of northern England in the sixties, and an exploration of the nature of memory, the destruction of families, andadolescence.

From the Hardcover edition. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Every major police investigation now seems to attract an army of armchair detectives and instant experts, opining on social media about the guilt of suspects and the perceived failures of the police. Close to Home ingeniously incorporates that noisy buzz of opinion into the narrative, the story of a kidnapping investigation interspersed with tweets as mostly ill-informed members of the public alternately vent at the police and hurl accusations at everyone involved. Cara Hunter expertly builds up the pressure as her troubled protagonist DI Adam Fawley strives to bring eight-year-old Daisy Mason back to her family.

The story of her rise up the ranks of the Circle, and corresponding descent into its cult-like mentality, makes for particularly creepy reading.

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Deep down we know it looks too good to be true, but millions of us still swallow the image whole. Echoes of real-life cases like that of Australian food blogger Belle Gibson made this thriller all the more timely. Advertisers: Contact Us. VIA ST.

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