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The above mentioned narration of Sahih Bukhari is very significant.

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Having explained the narration let us now turn to two possible questions. Before finding the answer to this question let us have another look at the narration of Ibn ad-Durays:. With the clarity in its last words this narration takes away all the rhetoric power of the question and reduces it to a mere query having no ability whatsoever to cast doubts on the validity of the explanation offered. We may however refer to them as such for academic purposes on the basis of lesser proofs.

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Furthermore, it also has an indication of an attitude of extreme care on such matters that involves goodness on one part because this can in a way lead to self-glorification. One might see it akin to the following hadith:. We can see that even though it is natural that one who would fast as such for the whole month of Ramadan, will break the fasts at night and will also sleep besides standing in late-night prayers, yet an out of the way step is taken in instructing not to make such a claim. In the comparative sense it can even be used to mean less than what it is compared to as shown below.

The same is the case with abrogation that we are discussing.

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Comments of al-Baqilani and al-Alusi also support the same. Stress Less. Achieve More. Muhammad Ashraf Sons, Hadith May Allah reward you for sharing the valuable knowledge.


We can only blame our ignorance for not knowing the Quran compilation and preservation history. As salamo alaikum wr wb It was a much scholarly article alhamdolillah May ALlah increase your iman and knowledge. May God bless the writer and whoever responsible about this website. It is a great article full of wisdom and lots to learn. Your email address will not be published.

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The Linxia education bureau has declined to comment on the document's validity. But religious communities elsewhere rarely face blanket restrictions.

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