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Optics Express 25 , Mechatronics 46 , International Journal of Control 90 :9, Signal Processing , Automatica 81 , Networked Control Systems with Intermittent Feedback, Journal of Process Control 46 , Vehicle System Dynamics 54 :8, Automatica 69 , Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , Neurocomputing , Automatica 63 , Chinese Physics B 24 :7, Journal of Systems Science and Complexity. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications :2, Asian Journal of Control 17 :1, Control of parameter-varying systems.

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Set-Theoretic Methods in Control, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 27 :4, Proceedings of the 33rd Chinese Control Conference , Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 34 , Science China Information Sciences 57 :3, Abstract and Applied Analysis , International Journal of Systems Science 44 :5, Acta Automatica Sinica 39 :1, Automatica 48 :5, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 74 :1, Proceedings of the American Control Conference , Automatica 46 , Applied Mathematics and Computation :2, Automatica 46 :8, Stochastic Analysis and Applications 28 :2, Automatica 45 , Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 32 :4, Automatica 45 :5, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control :2, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 15 , Stochastic Analysis and Applications 23 :1, International Journal of Systems Science 35 :3, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 13 , Signal Processing 81 :3, Automatica 37 :3, Randomized Digital Optimal Control.

Nonuniform Sampling, The Journal of Finance 55 :2, Proceedings of the American Control Conference. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 9 :7, New Developments in the Theory of Positive Systems. Systems and Control in the Twenty-First Century, International Journal of Control 65 :6, International Journal of Control 63 :6, Stochastic Digital Control System Techniques, Mathematical Modelling of Systems 1 :4, International Journal of Control 60 :6, Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems 7 :4, International Journal of Control 60 :3, Proceedings of the IEEE 81 :9, Reduction and Approximation of Linear Computational Circuits.

Engwerda [with reply]. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 16 :2, Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems 4 :1, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 14 :1, Kalman Filtering: Whence, What and Whither?. Brad Paden Professor ME aircraft structures, structural dynamics and control, transonic aeroelasticity, finite elements, composite materials, seismic- and wind-structural control, intelligent manufacturing systems.

Henry T. Turner Professor ME operator-theoretic approach to analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems, applications in microfluidics and bio -nanotechnology. Emeritus, Ph. Levey Research Areas Ph. Phan Associate Professor Engi neeri ng Ph. The interested applicants should contact Prof. Olfati-Saber via email olfati dartmouth. University of California, San Diego EE the development of sensor-based intelligent learning systems that can function in unstructured, nonstationary environments and has on-going research activities in the areas of statistical signal processing; statistical learning theory and pattern recognition; adaptive sensory-motor control; nonlinear dynamics and multibody systems theory.

Guidance and control systems and the signal processing of heterogeneous streams of data. Sworder Mohan Trivedi, Prof. MAE in the design optimization, feedback control, state estimatiion, and real-time forecasting of complex systems ranging from dynamic multimodal robots to flows over airplane wings to contaminant release plumes in the environment.

He is interested in modeling and control applications that involve mechanical, servo and structural systems. More specifically, he is interested in designing and analyzing motion planning strategies and distributed coordination algorithms for autonomous mobile networks performing spatially-distributed sensing tasks. Application areas include mobile robotics, environmental adaptive sampling, and autonomous deployment of unmanned multi-vehicle networks.

Automation and Computer Control

His PhD thesis work was focused on the geometric, numerical, and control aspects of nonholonomic systems Control Theory. Nonlinear and adaptive control. Stabilization of partial differential equations. Extremum seeking. Flexible beams and applications to nanotechnology atomic force microscopy, AFM. Source seeking and contaminant plume tracking in GPS-denied environments.

Locomotion of cells, bacteria, and fish. Automotive engine control. Control of marine vehicles. Her main reseach interests include systems and information theory, nonlinear control theory and robotics. Her current research focuses on the development of distributed coordination algorithms for the deployment of sensor networks and highly-autonomous vehicle systems. He has worked on applications to spacecraft guidance and navigation, aerospace vehicle tracking, mathematical finance, and command and control of military operations. Phds:5 analysis and control of infinite dimensional systems that arise in engineering application, primarily due to delays resulting from the movement of materials and information within.

He is particularly interested in the use of magnetic bearings in turbomachinery. He is also involved in the design of magnetic actuators, sensors, power amplifiers, and feedback controllers. Phds:2 Zongli Lin's research interest lies in the general area of systems and control theory and their applications to practical systems.

Event discrete simulation with SimPy

His research topics have included nonlinear control theory, robust control theory, control systems with actuator saturation, flight controls, modeling and control of magnetic bearing systems such as high speed energy staorage flywheels and artificial heart pumps. Eric H. Lindner Associate Prof. ECE Ph.

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AOE phds:7 Ph. Wayne Durham Emeritus Professor ME His research expertise lies in the area of novel robot locomotion mechanisms, design and analysis of mechanical systems, kinematics and robot mechanism design, humanoid robots, and autonomous systems. Dennis W. Stephen Yurkovich Professor ECE Game-theoretic control and estimation, hierarchical multi-agent strategies in hostile environments, bidding strategies in energy markets, multiple training in associative memories, feedback theory. Cruz, Jr. Professor ECE Professor Ozguner specializes in large-scale, intelligent systems modeling and optimization, hybrid systems, decentralized control, automotive ABS, active suspension, integrated vehicle dynamics , and transportation systems optimal routing and relation to signalization , Automated Highway Systems and all aspects of ITS.

OZ Professor ME Chia-Hsiang Menq manufacturing; 3 imaging and manipulation of active biological systems; 4 optical Professor ME Marcelo Dapino Associate Professor metrology and visual servo control; and 5 modeling friction contact and vibration of turbo machinery. In this laboratory, research is performed on theoretical, computational and experimental aspects of smart materials and systems.

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  6. The missions of the lab are to investigate novel materials and systems employing fundamental principles, and to advance the education of the next generation of engineers. Current projects include the utilization of smart structures in the next generation of active antenna, and the development of control techniques for the control of mechatronic systems. For a current list of projects and laboratory activities connect to the Intelligent Structures and Systems Laboratory Site. Robert M.

    Sanner Associate Professor aero Dr. Darryll J.

    Holdings : Distributed parameter systems : | York University Libraries

    Pines Professor and Chair Ph. Guidance, navigation, and control of aerospace vehicles.

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    Derek A. This information helps me judge whether you will be a good fit within my group. University of Washington at Seattle Assistant Prof. The availability of research assitanships in my group varies from year to yeardepending on the number of current graduate students and funding. Please be patient with my response to your emails as I typically receive a large number of emails and I might not be able to respond to your email in a timely manner; thanks in advance. California Institute of Technology in Robotics Control Systems Ph.

    Our main interest is in developing design tools that exploit inherent structure and nonlinearities in feedback systems. Current research topics are: Nonlinear state estimation and robust output-feedback design. Control and estimation designs for fuel cell power systems. Design and analysis of large scale systems. Chow Professor Please indicate on your application to route the application materials to me.

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    There is no need to send me separate emails. Current projects include integration of control, communications, and computer science in multi-agent systems, information dynamics in networked feedback systems, analysis of insect flight control systems, and biological circuit design. Richard M. Marsden CDS in the area of geometric mechanics, with applications to rigid body systems, fluid mechanics, elasticity theory, plasma physics, as well as to general field theory.