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This is a sweet series about an unlikely pair of best friends — Houndsley and Catina. These friendly books have charming illustrations and large text with plenty of spacing. Great for kids getting ready for chapter books. At least 7 books in the series. Birney guided reading level: L. This is a simple series based on the longer Humphrey chapter books. I recommend investing in the 7-book series if you have a lot of kids reading at this level. Icky Ricky series, by Michael Rex guided reading level: P. This is a series about Icky Ricky a boy attracted to slime, muck, and dirt and his friends.

I want to be able to recommend the books. I like the dry humor and the zany stories about Inspector Flytrap a Venus Flytrap who also happens to be a detective and his goat sidekick, Nina. But the book I read had too much crass humor for my taste. At least 3 books in the series. This is an easy-to-read chapter book series about two best friends, Iris and Walter. These are warm, sweet books with loving families and plots that young readers can relate to.

Ivy and Bean series, by Annie Barrows guided reading level: M. Ivy and Bean are two friends who get into a lot of mischief. Check the series out at the library before investing in them. Jack is a third grader with the ability to hear what animals are saying. This helps him solve mysteries in his third grade classroom and on school field trips. Nothing spectacular, but nothing objectionable either. I love that this series is written by an African-American author and features a strong African-American girl as the main character. Jada is spunky but not sassy and learns valuable life lessons in these easy-to-read chapter books.

The books felt a little cheesy and predictable to me, but I recommend them for young advanced readers they may feel babyish to older readers. Jake Drake books, by Andrew Clements guided reading level: O. Andrew Clements is a wonderful author for young children, so I definitely recommend checking out this series.

Each book in the series features a different girl boy and a realistic plot related to a particular sport. Children who like sports will enjoy these beginning chapter books. At least 70 titles. These are well written, have engaging storylines, and promote a positive sibling relationship. Still worth a try! This is a fun mystery series written at an easy-to-read level but with a slightly older feel. Mystery books can be a challenge for kids new to chapter books, but this is a good one to start with. Over 33 books in the series. Judy Moody is the spunky, impulsive, and of course moody third grader in this popular series.

The stories are funny and well-written — and even though Judy can be sassy and mean, the books are fine overall. This is an easy reader series for young Judy Moody and Stink fans. The books are packed with full color pictures featuring the brother-sister pair. This is a wonderful series about a loving, middle class African-American family — featuring Julian, his best friend Gloria, and his little brother Huey. I love the likable characters and entertaining adventures. I also love that each chapter is its own story — making these books perfect for short guided reading lessons.

Be aware that in one book the father threatens beating and whipping after the boys eat the pudding he made; they are afraid and cower under the bed. But we quickly learn that he wants them to beat and whip the eggs as they make a second batch of pudding to replace the one they ate. Junie B. Jones series, by Barbara Park guided reading level: M. Ah, Junie B.! People either love or hate this series. The truth is that when I taught 3rd-5th grade I thought these books were hilarious and read them aloud to my students. The books really are laugh-out-loud funny, but Junie is often extremely naughty and not the least bit sorry.

There are 27 books in the series. Justin Case , by Rachel Vail guided reading level: P. This is a hilarious series about Justin, a lovable worrywart who worries his way through elementary school and summer camp. The stories are relatable, and the illustrations really add to the book. The entertaining illustrations and bold headings move the reader along. Definitely a fun series! At least 12 books. This is a fun, engaging series about Katie Carew. Katie is never prepared for the switch, and each books features one funny adventure after another.

At least 35 books in the series. Katie Woo chapter book series, by Fran Manushkin guided reading level: J. Katie Woo, a likable first grader, is the star of these extremely short beginning chapter books with very large print and full-color illustrations on every page. At least 50 books in the series. Keena Ford books, by Melissa Thomson guided reading level: N. The book is superbly written, beautifully illustrated in black and white , and features a character I wish I could meet in real life. This is a series of light fantasy chapter books in which Penny, Link, and Natalie are the keyholders — the children who guard the border between the real and magical world.

The series is written by the authors of the very popular Bailey School Kids series, but this one never took off. The last book ends with a cliffhanger and was never continued. This classic series published from features the imperfect kids of Mrs. The books are relatable and tell good stories while also teaching lessons about empathy, understanding, and friendship. This is a good series for kids to get into. This is a sweet adventure series for young readers. Prince Lucas and his best friend, Clara, journey around their magical kingdom as they encounter trolls, wizards, mermaids, fairies, and dragons.

The stories are simple but engaging, and never scary. Their simplicity and lovely illustrations make them an especially good choice for young advanced readers. This is an easy-to-read mystery series about a lovable dog King who helps his human Kayla solve mysteries.

This is the perfect introduction to mystery books for kids who are transitioning to chapter books. Gordon Blue is a second grade superhero who also happens to be a chicken. In my opinion, the pages are too busy with their mixture of text, illustrations, and way too many speech bubbles.

I remember that whenever my students read books like this, they had a hard time following the story and summarizing it. Kylie Jean series, by Marci Peschke guided reading level: M. These are cute and wholesome and moderately entertaining , making them a good choice for young advanced readers.

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This is an animal fantasy series in which owls and their friends try to save their forest from the dark magic of Thorn, a powerful vulture. This is a classic good vs. The font is large with good spacing, and the black-and-white illustrations are incredible. However, this spin-off series is pretty good. A lighthouse keeper cat, a shipwrecked sailor dog, and three orphaned mouse children are the Lighthouse Family.

Each book features another of their adventures. These gentle books are beautifully written and illustrated, but the stories may move a bit slowly for some readers. I suspect that adults will enjoy the books more than children. This is a classic series of 17 books published from The Littles are a tiny family who live in the walls of the Bigg family home. The Littles look and act like ordinary people except for their tails.

These creative, wholesome books are a great choice for young advanced readers. Be aware that the newer books are not written by the original author. Lola Levine series, by Monica Brown guided reading level: M. This is a wonderful, engaging series about Lola Levine, a half-Jewish, half-Peruvian girl who embraces her multicultural heritage.

The stories are well written, and the characters are well developed.

Lotus Lane series, by Kyla May guided reading level: O. These girls are into dogs, fashion, and sleepovers. And the books have waaaaay too many exclamation points for me to stomach. I found these painful and boring, but I can see how girls might enjoy them. Lucy Rose series, by Katy Kelly guided reading level: O.

This book, told in a diary format, is about the adventures of spunky fourth grader, Lucy Rose. The storytelling and energy are similar to Junie B. Jones — without the sassiness and backtalk. This can feel a little exhausting to read, but I liked this series. Lulu books, by Hilary McKay guided reading level: N. The books are beautifully written, the stories are fun and engaging, and black-and-white illustrations support comprehension.

Definitely check these out! Best friends Lily and Jess discover the magical word of Friendship Forest — where the evil witch Grizelda wants to drive all the animals out of the woods. This is the sort of series that is just way too cute for me. These types of series are so saccharine they make me feel ill. In my opinion, the books feel mass-produced, have uninteresting plots, and are far too predictable to be quality literature.

Too many books in the series to count! Magic School Bus chapter books, by various authors guided reading level: P. This is a spinoff series based on the popular picture books by Joanna Cole with illustrations by Bruce Degen. The chapter books lack the quality of the originals; they definitely feel mass-produced. But I can imagine that fans of the TV show would enjoy these companion books as well as the science facts which are included throughout.

Great choice for young advanced readers! At least 32 books in the series. Mallory books , by Laurie Friedman guided reading level: O. Mallory is a good role model but is also relatable and likable; the books teach good lessons without being preachy. At least 28 books in the series. This is a beautifully written, engaging story about a girl Mango who discovers a tapir lost in the city Bambang and becomes her friend.

The wonderful illustrations add a lot of charm to the book. These would make great read alouds. The books are well-written and should appeal to both boys and girls. Marvin Redpost series, by Louis Sachar guided reading level: M. Marvin Redpost is a likable and relatable third grader.

Probably a better choice for struggling older readers than for young advanced readers. Mary Marony series, by Suzy Kline guided reading level: M. These feature a larger font and black-and-white illustrations. Recommended for young advanced readers. In this charming series, we read about James and his friend Marvin, a beetle.

The text is large with big spacing, and the books have detailed black-and-white drawings. Lots of support for young readers. Each book features different children and their encounters with everyday magic often featuring a witch. If your readers enjoy fantasy books, these will likely be a hit. Maybelle series, by Katie Speck guided reading level: L. Can Maybelle have fun while following all the rules for cockroach safety? The books have large font, ample spacing, and fantastic black-and-white illustrations.

These make great read-alouds too! This is a goofy series about a superhero named Melvin. Melvin, a graduate of the Superhero Academy, has been assigned to fight crime in Los Angeles. He works with Candace, his best friend and partner in uncrime. Silly and fun. Please… reserve one of the books at your library, stat! These are absolutely hilarious and brilliantly illustrated books about Mercy Watson, a pig excuse me, porcine wonder who is the delight of her owners but a thorn in the side of her neighbor, Eugenia Lincoln.

Each book features a hilarious new adventure, quirky characters, and plenty of hot buttered toast. These were the first chapter books that my kids listened to me read aloud, and they could usually listen to a full book in one sitting. Mermaid Tales , by Debbie Dadey guided reading level: N. Third-grader Shelly and her mermaid friends go to school at Trident Academy.

The books address issues related to fears, fitting in, friendship, and more. I admit that a series all about mermaids is a bit hard for me to stomach, but the books are harmless and not too bad, actually. At least 20 books in the series. Montgomery guided reading level: L. Young mystery lovers will enjoy this clever, fast-paced mystery series about Milo and Jazz, detectives in training. And I admit it, I loved it too! Great for fans of Cam Jansen, and a good choice for both young advanced readers and older, struggling readers.

Minnie and Moo series, by Denys Cazet guided reading level: J. This is an easy-reader chapter book series about Minnie and Moo, two lovable cows who go on silly adventures. Kids will enjoy reading about world-famous duck-tective Miss Mallard and the mysteries she solves all around the world. Try to get the newer books Quix Fast Fun Reads. I appreciate the word list and questions at the end of each book.

At least 15 books in the series. Kids will enjoy the speech bubbles, charming illustrations, and all-around fun stories that will appeal to both boys and girls. I had a hard time reading past the first chapter, so I visited Amazon to see what reviewers had to say. The only bummer about this series is that it took me so long to discover it!

Danger At 20 Fathoms (Barclay Family Adventure Ser., Bk. 2)

The fantastic black and white illustrations help make this book a great transition to chapter books. This is a sweet but rather slow-moving series about two best friends named Mouse and Mole. The books have full color pictures for strong reader support. The plots and pacing are very similar. Mouse Scouts series, by Sarah Dillard guided reading level: N. This is a delightful series about a mouse scout troop very similar to Girl Scouts who work through earning badges and other adventures.

I love how pages from the Mouse Scout Handbook appear between pages of the story. Other than that, I highly recommended this 4-book series. Putter and Tabby series, by Cynthia Rylant guided reading level: J. This is a gentle, not-to-miss series about the cautious, elderly Mr. Putter and his cat, Tabby. We love reading about their adventures with his equally elderly but much wilder neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry and her dog, Zeke. Noodlekugel books, by Daniel Pinkwater guided reading level: L. Nick and Maxine live in a tall apartment building.

One day they discover a little house in a secret backyard — the home of Mrs. Noodlekugel, where cats talk and mice wear glasses. I find the writing stilted and hard to read aloud; the lack of contractions is particularly annoying. However, my preschooler enjoyed the read aloud.

Her daughter published the final book in MVP series, by David A. If kids enjoy the Ballpark Mysteries , they should check out this series by the same author. It features a group of kids at an elementary school that have adventures and mysteries as they play different sports. This is a good choice for older, struggling readers. I wish I could recommend this popular series, but it was quite disappointing.

While I prefer the Fancy Nancy picture books, the Nancy Clancy chapter books which came later are also fun to read. Nancy and her best friend Bree are likable third graders with engaging, realistic adventures. One notable exception is in Secret Admirer.

Nancy and Bree jump into the truck of her teenage guitar teacher for a ride home — without consulting their parents. This series features pre-teen versions of Nancy and her friends, George and Bess. They solve mysteries such as missing dolls and lost ice cream recipes.

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And I would say that the series definitely feels like that … books written quickly without a lot of personality. At least 40 books in the series. This classic series the first book was published in is the perfect segue from picture to chapter books. Nate the Great is a boy detective who solves mysteries with the help of his dog, Sludge.

Kids will enjoy the clever mysteries and quirky characters. This is a great series for young advanced readers, and the books appeal equally to girls and boys this was one of my favorite series as a young reader. Over 25 books in the series. This series features a pair of African American best friends who live next door to each other. Nikki and Deja are both relatable and likable. Alexander has moved to a new town, where he finds an old notebook with the word DOOM on the cover.

The notebook contains top secret information about monsters, which Alexander battles in each of the books. I must be in the minority, though, judging by the 5-star Amazon reviews. Just consider yourself warned. The No. What can No. Believe it or not, a wheelbarrow is the solution. These tender easy-reader chapter books were published from They were probably my first chapter books, and I remember checking them out over and over again from the library.

Now as a mother, I appreciate those early books even more. The author wrote the first books when she had two young children — no wonder the stories are so relatable! The oldest books of this series are my favorite, but all are good. From the creator of the classic Nate the Great series came this series about his cousin — Olivia Sharp.

Olivia is a spunky girl detective who helps her friends solve their problems. Only 4 books in the series. Owl Diaries , by Rebecca Elliot guided reading: level N. This is a brightly illustrated series about Eva Wingdale, a likable little owl who keeps a diary about her adventures at home and at Treetop Owlementary. This is a good choice for second or third graders who struggle with reading but want to read chapter books. The content is perfect for younger readers as well. Peachy and Keen series, by Jason Tharp guided reading level: M. Pedro books, by Fran Munushkin guided reading level: J.

This is a lovely easy-to-read chapter book series about a kind, thoughtful Latino boy named Pedro. Perfect for young readers in kindergarten and first grade. I remember how much my younger brother now 36 loved these books as a third grader. The 40 books published from are about a group of boys and girls in a scouting group.

Gallagher guided reading level: L. This is a cheerful if somewhat boring series about Kyle and Mia, two best friends who love animals. They help people and pets find solutions to their pet problems. This is a gentle if predictable series about children and the animals they rescue.

Older children may find them boring. At least 30 books in the series. Phoebe G. Green series, by Veera Hiranandani guided reading level: M. I quickly fell in love with this funny series about Phoebe G. Green, a spunky, likable narrator. Not only are the books thoroughly entertaining, but they also have positive messages. Pinky and Rex books, by James Howe guided reading level: L. Pinky and Rex are two best friends; Pinky is a boy whose favorite color is pink. Rex is a girl whose favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex.

The easy-reader format makes them a great choice for young advanced readers. Piper Green is a spunky second grader who lives on a small Maine fishing island and commutes to school on a lobster boat. Piper is a typical kid who tends to be stubborn and moody, but she is also considerate and thoughtful. The books are exceptionally well written.

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Piper simply puts something in the Fairy Tree, and something else is left in exchange. This is an entertaining and well-written series about Piper Reed, a child whose family moves every few years because her father is a Navy Chief. Piper navigates new homes, new schools while dealing with dyslexia , and quarrels with her older and younger sister.

Dawn Bosco is a second grade detective at Polk Street School. Poppleton books, by Cynthia Rylant guided reading level :J. The stories are pure and wholesome and still laugh-out-loud funny. You may just find yourself pulling them off the shelf to read even when no children are around I know I do. Press Start! My third grader loves this fully-illustrated series that features video game characters Super Rabbit Boy and his nemesis, Meanie King Viking. I find all the visuals very distracting and the plot super hard to follow.

Just be aware that while this may get reluctant readers reading, it will be challenging to check on their comprehension. Princess Magnolia appears to be the perfect, prim princess — but when monsters attack, she changes into a costume and becomes her alter ego — The Princess in Black.

I like the concept of a superhero princess, and kids will love the beautiful full-color illustrations on nearly every page. I suspect these would feel babyish for kids above third grade. What she does love is going on adventures in the Land of Fake-Believe, a secret land she enters through her refrigerator. The book is a mixture of text and speech bubbles, which can be a bit distracting. But the text is simple, the stories are entertaining, and kids will love the full-color pictures. Not great literature by any means, but worth checking out. But I was disappointed in the sassiness of the main character and the unkind teasing by her friends.

Still … the writing is clever, the stories are cute, and the illustrations are great. Worth trying. Princess Posey series, by Stephanie Greene guided reading level: L. But Posey won me over very quickly. Posey is a first grader who lives with her mother and little brother. She deals with typical kid things — jealousy, name calling, etc. The books are ideal for young readers through second grade; the books will feel babyish for older readers.

The book I read did have a small amount of bathroom humor. Currently 12 books in the series. Princess Pulverizer series, by Nancy Krulik guided reading level: M. This is a well-written and engaging series about an atypical princess. In each book, the princess travels the countryside in search of people who need her help. The book I read was funny and did not have any name-calling or potty language.

I assume that there will eventually be 8 books. Pug series, by Laura James guided reading level: N. This is a clever, fully illustrated series about a likable pug and his pampered owner, Lady Miranda. Pug lives in a posh English townhouse, where a footmen and housekeeper cater to him and his owner. Each book features a new misadventure a boat ride, horseback riding, jungle safari, etc.

Puppy Academy series, by Gill Lewis. Unlike most chapter books about puppies, the dogs are the main characters in this series. At Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy, a team of pups learn how to be working dogs. Each book features a different pup working toward his or her dream. Puppy Pirates series, by Erin Soderberg guided reading level: M. The Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. I'm pregnant.

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Barclay Family. And I am not writing this in the hope that you will do such things for me. I would rather die than have anyone deprive me of this boast. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel! Songs Included. Inventions Used. Short Used. Spanish Name.

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Spanish Airdate. Error: Invalid time. Soundtrack length. Previous title. Chris Anthony. Each new Shark Wars book brings higher stakes—and hungrier sharks! Now Gray is questioning everything he thought he knew. The time to find answers is running short. The prehistores—prehistoric sea monsters long thought to be extinct—are breaking out of the underwater volcano range that has kept them hidden for millennia.

Shark Wars 4. Shark Wars grows more epic—and addictive—with every book, publishing each season! Peace has finally come to the Big Blue and with it a revelation: Gray is not the last megalodon in the ocean after all. Gray swims deeper into the mystery of his family heritage, uncovering the myth of the megalodons and a legend that goes back to prehistoric times. But when the scheming mako Velenka breaks free from her underwater prison, the peace Gray and Barkley have fought so hard to win is threatened. Shark Wars 3. But Finnivus is still plotting.

This is the ruler who feasts on the heads of every shark he conquers, after all. The fate of the Big Blue rests with Gray!