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The Experience of the Spanish Infantry during the Italian Wars, 1494-1559

Zulu War. Seven Years' War. Indian Mutiny. Indian Rebellion of Philippine-American War. Battle of Agincourt. Spanish-American War. Hussite Wars. Russian Civil War. Great Sioux War. Indochina War. Malayan Campaign. Battle of Poitiers. Burma Campaign. Battle of the Little Bighorn. Anglo Saxon period. French and Indian War. Battle of Atbara. Battle of Hastings. Battle of Stamford Bridge. Eerste Wereldoorlog. Mexican-American War. Korean War. Algerian War. Fall of Constantinople. Battle of Tewkesbury. Battle of Towton.

East Africa Campaign. Arab Revolt. First Punic War. Wars of the Roses. Battle of Omdurman. Battle of the Alamo. Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Tang Dynasty. Sui Dynasty. Song Dynasty. Han Dynasty. Reign of Augustus Caesar. Northern and Southern Dynasties. Battle of Carrhae. Reign of Trajan. Reign of Nero. Reign of Claudius. Reign of Caligula. Year of Four Emperors. Reign of Vespasian. Reign of Nerva. Reign of Domitian. Reign of Titus. Battle of Poltava. Russo-Japanese War. Reign of Tiberius Caesar. Punic Wars. Greco-Persian Wars. Mahdist War.

Battle of Abu Klea. Battle of Tamai. Battle of Tel el-Kebir. Fall of France. Second Punic War. Boxer Rebellion. Third Punic War. First Crusade. Siege of Antioch. Arthurian England. Siege of Jerusalem. Siege of Khartoum. How do series work? Helpers mkenny , Shrike58 , surly 91 , jcbrunner 81 , sjolly75 78 , DisassemblyOfReason 66 , superdubey 46 , sjd 42 , Tylman79 34 , TChesney 25 , bezonian 19 , mburdette 16 , EricCostello 10 , staffordcastle 9 , Tarkeel 7 , steelprimate 6 , wdavidlewis 6 , Caxur 6 , EOCostello 5 , AnnaClaire 4 , DeadGoodBooks 4 , klindsey 4 , iannmag 4 , fdholt 4 , r.

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Battle of Waterloo

British Air Forces 1 : by Andrew Cormack. Introduction and other side matter by Zirin is very interesting. Wetherell did, and here it is in all its detail, edited by one of the great Nelsonian Navy novelists, including Wetherell's chance to meet Napoleon. A lively detail biography of Madame de Stael, one of the feminists and bluestockings of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, detailed as to dates, places, and persons whenever possible, including friends like Mdm. Martin's Press, NY, Clear, interesting and accurate overview from BC through the 's, well illustrated with photos and diagrams; bibliography and glossary.

Details the researchers and their studies through this century. Author's line drawings of construction and detail. Neophytes should use with a picture book, which it will greatly clarify. Required reading if he is to appear in your book as more than a walk-by.

Don't let the size pg mislead you: these are dense monographs for military buffs, and will tell you more than you can almost stand to know about their subject. There are illustrations on almost every page, with about a dozen special colour paintings emphasizing the uniforms. You must simply decide which of the many you need. There are so many men in uniform, few stories can avoid some. Look for these books wherever unpainted lead soldiers are sold.

They are numbered by the publisher, which we include to make locating them easier for you. Here's the political and military detail on the army most continuously in combat with the French, their victories and their few but disasterous losses. Paragon House, NY, ; pg, no index, bibliography In France, many women served in the army openly, or with the connivance of their lovers husbands, sweethearts, etc. Elsewhere, secrecy and diguise were in order, except among the guerrillas of Spain.

Explores their decisions, personalities, and attitudes. Outside of a five-pound detail biography -- you know, the kind that discusses Josephine's menus in detail and the lives of the farmers that provide the raw ingredients -- this is your best look at the personality of Buonaparte before he began to build his own legend in exile. Michael Joseph, ; pages. Aitchison served as a junior officer throughout the Peninsular War, and wrote letters that would give a modern censor conniptions, they are so full of military information. Penguin This is the only known personal record by one of the many unwilling draftees into The Grand Army -- in this case a young German stonemason.

See how this affects the constant praises of the Emperor found elsewhere! Theatre Arts Books, The most fashionable men's dress, in period illustrations, with tailor's patterns, period comments on colours and fabrics, etc. Theatre Arts Books, The same for women. Both books show fastenings! The author was the 22nd Governor of South Carolina. A precise explication of the reasons for duelling, and the gentlemanly behavior required. Based on the story by Joseph Conrad, about two soldiers in the army of Napoleon, followed out into the peace, after.

Perfect costumes and backgrounds, fight arranging by William Hobbs absolutely authentic and realistic, proper conversation and duelling conventions.