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Behind the Veil

Louis within a select cadre of men. Assuming neither the original VPs nor the current VPs intended to associate themselves with a hideous and degenerate rapist, the connection between the St. In it, the Veiled Prophet, wearing an all-white gown, pointed hat, and mask, stands with a pistol and two shotguns.

A new book rips the shroud off St. Louis' premier social organization

This image was a short-lived representation of the Veiled Prophet, and based on my research, the VP never appeared armed in a parade or at a ball. The second Veiled Prophet image , from , and current photos of the Veiled Prophet look more like a cross between a Norse God and the Pope—imagery with fairly obvious connections to whiteness, but that are ostensibly more linked to benevolent forms of power.

It is difficult not to immediately link the image with that of a Klansman; however, the Klan did not develop the uniform of white robes and hoods until its revival period beginning in inspired by the film The Birth of the Nation , nearly 40 years after the initial woodcut of the Veiled Prophet. The first image of the armed VP may have suited the initial VP members, who sought to create a visible manifestation of their control over the city.

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Spencer argues that in addition to attempting to boost trade on the Mississippi and reclaim St. Spencer writes that VP members were likely compelled by the Railroad Strike of to re-institute class hierarchy by demonstrating the power and opulence of the wealthiest and most prominent businessmen in the city, putting working-class strikers in their place.

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Louis in ; this strike inspired workers across industries to protest for an 8-hour workday, and a ban on child labor. The strike ended after 3, federal troops and 5, deputized special police forced the strikers to disassemble, during which time 18 strikers were killed. The first Veiled Prophet, and the only prophet to be willingly revealed, was St. Louis Police Commissioner John G.

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Put another way, when working-class St. Louisans took strides to earn more money, achieve upward mobility, and attain a measure of the relationship between wealth and morality propagated by the VPO, it was the members of the VPO who put a stop to it. According to the myth, the Veiled Prophet is a mystical traveler from the ambiguous East who decided to establish St.

Louis as a beautiful city. The fact that St.

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Louis was chosen was meant to be indicative of its worth and value as a city based in the grand traditions of the Old World, but prepared to progress to the New World. As Spencer explains, for members of the VP, progressing to the New World meant success in industry and the wealth that ultimately followed. Each float demonstrated the evolution of mankind from its beginnings to when the VP designated St. Louis as his second home. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added.

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