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Holly Howe is just beginning to succeed in the cutthroat world of New York modeling when a car accident ruins her good looks forever and she is forced to retreat Suddenly, out from under the icecakes, up bobs a half-frozen corpse in a soggy suit of clothes nearly years old. The body bears Featuring all her favorite sleuths--Max Bitterso A young woman must escape family conflict -- and find her own identity -- in order to track down a thief in this novel by an acclaimed mystery writer.

So when his landlady's cat dragged it into her kitchen, Betsy Lomax knew something was amiss. When she found old Ungley lying beh Her summer estate at historic Ireson's Landing seems the perfect place.

The Odd Job: A Sarah Kelling Mystery , Book 11 (Unabridged)

There's sea A young woman investigates the death of her wealthy, estranged father in a small Rhode Island town in this novel by the author of the Peter Shandy Mysteries. A gruesome murder leads Professor Peter Shandy to uncover an ancient Viking curse. When year-old Hilda Horsefall tells young reporter Cronkite Swope of a stone carved with Norse runes that once sat in the nearby woods, the writer starts saliva So she accepts an invitation from her favorite lodger Max Bittersohn to attend a Sunday concert at Madam Wilkins Money problems are making pretty Sarah Kelling anything but a merry widow.

Renting out rooms to Boston's upper crust seems the very proper way to survive genteel poverty on Beacon Hill--until the curmudgeonly old gentleman in the withdrawing room sui She has rubies in her teeth, a crimson skirt, and not a shred of skin on her bones.

The Odd Job

She's burlesque queen Ruby Redd, missing these past thirty years, and Sarah Kelling has just discovered her sprawled grot So when Professor Peter Shandy found a faculty wife sprawled dead on his living We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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