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Spitz writes economically, and with flair, letting the facts and characters speak for themselves. In doing so, he captures an ironic sadness that accompanied the Beatles' runaway success—how their dreams of stardom, once realized, became a prison, forcing the band to spend large parts of their youth in hotel rooms to avoid mobs and to stage elaborate escapes from literally life-threatening situations after appearances. As with all great history writing, Spitz both captures a moment in time and humanizes his subjects. Do something useful with your life.

Spitz's book was the first major Beatles biography to be published after the emergence of internet forums, fan sites and online publications—an environment that ensured the scrutiny it received was widespread and influential. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Jefferson, NC: McFarland. With sweep already built into its story and the cumulative effects of the author's levelheaded, anecdotal approach, the book emerges as a consolidating and newly illuminating work.

For the right reader, that combination is irresistible. Much of this information can be found in other accounts. There are nearly Beatle books floating around. But Spitz means to be authoritative, to cut through the fictions and calumnies of earlier versions, and to put together a broad, incisive overview. Among the areas in which he succeeds startlingly well is the specifics of songwriting, performance and studio work that made the Beatles worth such scrutiny.

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It shapes a particularly vivid picture of the young, surly John Lennon, with a particularly revisionist and haunting portrait of his mother. It also captures the exhilarating freshness of young English musicians ready to try any crazy thing with no clue about how far they might go. And he transports the reader to the time when that could be true.

Like Martin Scorsese's recent documentary about the young, meteoric Bob Dylan, this book powerfully evokes both the excitement and the price of such a sudden rise. This book is with the Beatles as they hit upon a winning, hair-shaking performance style and as they watch the world go berserk over it. When the exhilaration begins to sour, it captures the frightening fishbowl sensation of their being imprisoned by fans' hysteria and critical acclaim. For guitar and voice.

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Easy Guitar. Vocal melody, lyrics, guitar chord diagrams and strum patterns. Published by Hal Leonar By The Beatles. Arranged by Phillip Keveren. For solo piano no lyrics. Piano Solo Personality.

The Beatles: The Biography

Published by Hal Leonard" For solo violin Violin. Difficulty: easy-medium to medium. Violin solo songbook no accompaniment. For Eb alto saxophone. Solo Songbook. Transposed melody.

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Vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names and guitar chord diagrams. For solo cello Cello. Instrumental Folio. Cello solo songbook and accompaniment CD. For C flute Flute.


Solo part. For Bb trumpet. Transposed Melody. Vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names and guitar c For piano, voice, and guitar chords only. Arranged by Dan Fox. For voice and easy piano. Hal Leonard Easy Adult Piano.

The Beatles: Biography, Band, History, Music

Difficulty: easy-medium. Vocal melody, easy piano notation, lyrics and chord names. Published by For guitar solo. Finger Style Guitar. Guitar tablature songbook. Guitar tablature, standard guitar notat For Bb clarinet. Clarinet solo songbook no accompaniment. For voice s , guitar s , bass guitar, drum set and keyboard. Hal Leonard Transcribed Scores. Popular boxed gift set.

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    Help Us Improve! Charity Jobs. Beatles Artist:. They affected the post-war baby boom generation of Britain, the United States and many other countries during the s. Hey Jude "By The Beatles. Best Of The Beatles " Flute. Best Of The Beatles " Trumpet. Best Of The Beatles " Clarinet.