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Evidence left behind after botched Pecan Park drug raid...

All rights reserved. Authorities found 10, radiated tortoises, a critically endangered species, crammed into a house in Toliara, Madagascar. Soary Randrianjafizanaka set out with police, colleagues, and others earlier this month to investigate a rancid smell coming from a two-story house in Toliara, a town on the southwestern coast of Madagascar.

In total the house contained 9, live radiated tortoises, a rare species found only in Madagascar—and dead ones. Randrianjafizanaka helped count them as rescuers loaded them onto six trucks that made several trips to Le Village Des Tortues Turtle Village in French , a private wildlife rehabilitation facility in Ifaty, 18 miles north of Toliara. It took until early the following morning to transfer all the tortoises to the rescue center. But a week after their discovery, tortoises had died from either dehydration or infection.

Authorities have leads on those responsible. Three suspects—two men and a woman, the owner of the house—were arrested.

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Like everybody is saying they were going to donate it anyway its a tax right off. They should have done it quietly like they usually do. This guy was doing a good deed and he got half a million rand and Shell is giving half a million rand to charity why can't we just leave it at that. Why must we now go deeper? We just love to moan in South Africa. The Equality Court has found that transgender inmate Jade September has a right to be identified as a woman in a male prison.

Eusebius says, 'the bloody nose Boris Johnson received yesterday is important is it underscores how important Parliament is. In a new series, Haji Mohamed Dawjee and Rebecca Davis unravel a number of myths and uncovers why the houses are colourful. Young woman Monet van Deventer describes petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele's generous help to prevent her running out of fuel on N2. Azania spoke to the Healthy Living Alliance's Sibongile Nkosi to learn more about the campaign and its aims.

Justice Project South Africa founder Howard Dembovsky explains the consequences the police officer could face. ATM founder Mzwanele Manyi says the call to change the name forms part of the party's decolonisation program. Ekhuruleni Acting Mayor Lesiba Mptye says no drunken driving charge yet as labour relations process still needs to be completed.

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City Power's Isaac Mangena explains trees encroached on electricity lines causing power-cuts in Randburg and surrounding areas. Bongani Bingwa presents a brand new podcast series illustrating how the notion of the professional of tomorrow is ever changing. Aubrey Masango sits down with luminaries and thought leaders to delve into some of the most pertinent issues facing South Africa a Looking at the main entrance to Shell House after the raid, we see there is nothing left to save.

From this perspective, the raid was a total success. The north facade of Shell House suffered the greatest damage with near total collapse. The north facade of Shell House after the fire as cleanup begins. Much of the facade to the right was brought down shortly afterwards. A similar photograph to the previous shot shows the same angle weeks later after the debris has been removed from the streets and the eastern part of the facade was brought down. We can see through the block to the inside of the front facade of Shell House.

Photo: Danish Public Domain via denfrie. A rare colour photograph of Shell House taken long after the attack showing the devastating effects of the raid. It was struck by a crashing de Havilland Mosquito 1. Though this caused destruction, the smoke and flame from the crash attracted incoming Mosquito fighter bombers of the second and third waves.

As many as 7—8 of these crews mistook the site as Shell House and released their bombs on the school. Photo by Stender, via Royal Library, Copenhagen.

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Hall were killed instantly. The firefighters who attended the disaster reported that the damage was extensive not just to the buildings but to the water system causing reduced pressure in the lines, as witnessed by the ineffective water flow in this image. Photo via Flensted. Another dramatic image of the chaotic scene at the French School. In the neighbourhood of Frederiksberg, firefighters struggle to keep control of the fire at the French School.

The catastrophe would claim the lives of 18 adults and 86 schoolchildren, one of the most tragic events in Copenhagen during the Second World War. Bob Kirkpatrick would follow a flight of Mosquitos mistakenly attacking the site of the crash.

The Shell House Raid DVD documentary

He carried only incendiary bombs and was instructed to drop them a few blocks past the aiming point to create a diversion in the event that prisoners were attempting to escape. A memorial at the entrance to the modern building that was built on the site of Shell House after the war lists the eight Danish resistance men who were killed in the attack. Photo via Wikipedia. The Last Flight of the Last Carthaginian. When Bob died this past February, he was just 12 days short of his 92 nd birthday.

Truthfully, you could not ask much more of a man from a generation whose life expectancy was much shorter than men and women can expect to live today.

Forensic Experts: No Evidence Couple Shot at Police in Houston Botched Drug Raid

On top of that, he lived a very good life. A full life. He married beautiful Ginny, his high school sweetheart, and continued on flying right into his 80s.

He was not afraid of work or risk. He made a point of enjoying the moment and of setting aside time every year to leave behind work and truly savour the things he loved the most—his bride, his family, fishing, dogs and yes, flying. Two Thanksgivings ago, I was in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, sharing Thanksgiving with another good friend and his family. I was still emailing Bob every day to see how he was and trying to regale him with stories of my Thanksgiving, when Bob replied by email For the amazing story of how Bob managed, in his 91 st year, to get there, click here.

Photo: Peter Handley. He was failing rather quickly the last couple days and went to the hospital yesterday. His prayers were answered and it is now blue skies for Bob. Over the last few months, we talked often about all his friends. He always said how grateful he was for his long life and the many friends he and Ginny made along the way. We are so fortunate to have been included in that circle of friends.

Despite the long and beautiful life he had led, I sighed deeply and quietly wept for Bob, for I too was fortunate to have been included in that circle of friends.

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The memorial service was small and for immediate family only. All day the ceiling had been low, with gloomy skies and in the end they cleared enough to allow Dave Dodgen to take his Beech Bonanza to 5, feet. Moments before Dave takes Bob on his last ride, the family offers up a toast with Dave quaffing his Merlot only when he returned from the flight. Absent that day but there in spirit were Mary and Gail Wetzel daughter and husband.

Bob reached out to me in his 90 th year and changed me for the rest of my years. He showed me courage in the face of adversity. He demonstrated through his actions that adventure was not just the purview of younger men. I see him now standing to take the applause of the hundreds in attendance at the Mosquito Memories event. Tears of pride come to me as I write this, but they are also tears of joy for a man who lived his life well and gave so much. I thank him from all of his friends here in the Royal Canadian Air Force for his service and his valour. His hands are calm upon the yoke.

His face reveals no stress at all in the setting sunlight. There is even a hint of a smile. There he will remain in my heart, happy, courageous, competent, self-aware Photo via Deb and Dave Dodgen. The cloud of his ashes likely could not be seen on the ground, but they spread out across the humid sky, lingering there, as if wishing to live as Bob had done—aloft and free. Some would come down in the cornfields of Iowa, drawn into the very soil of the country Bob Kirkpatrick loved so well.

To join the spirit of America.

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To be part of its future. Some of this tiny cloud would come down in the slow moving muddy water of the Des Moines River, drifting on its current, his spirit winding its way through oxbows, past cattle farms, endless corn and soy fields and industrial centres, tumbling in the rotors and eddies. Inexorably, but with certainty, these molecules of that great man joined the South Fork of the Des Moines and then eventually the Mississippi River itself, the storied femoral artery of America. The cloud of ashes would disappear on the wind and settle much later across the Midwestern plain, working their way into the soil that Bob loved so much.

Some would land in the slow moving water of the West Fork of the Des Moines River, where it would travel to the fork, join with the main Des Moines River 5 miles south, then south to the mighty Mississippi. There is no doubt that some of Bob lies in the Gulf of Mexico, a place where he loved so much to visit and fish.

We can just make out the threshold of the Humboldt runway at centre left. At 5, feet Dave Dodgen circles the beautiful Midwestern farming community of Humboldt, Iowa on the great, green plain of America—and the final home of more than 26 separate homes in their married lives for Ginny and Bob.

Photo via Dave and Deb Dodgen. Members of the family release balloons for Bob.