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The next generation of GWAS will in part be driven by increasingly dense SNP microarray and next generation sequencing approaches such as exon resequencing www. With the rapid advancement of technology and the accompanying rapidly changing commercial scene, it is hard to predict the technological platform of choice in even 3 years time. Given the immature state of technologies and the rapid obsolescing of equipment once purchased, money spent on equipment may be better spent on generating data through an outside contractor.

Hard choices between capital investment, which may be desirable for strategic reasons, and outsourcing of genotyping and microarray analysis must be made with knowledge of the true costs and difficulties of purchasing, maintenance and reagent supplies. However, whatever the platform, there is a definite need for national or in-house capabilities for data warehousing for the many terabytes or even petabytes of data generated by genomics and the other approaches outlines below, and for in-house maintenance and development of expertise in data cleaning and analysis.

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Many studies are collecting plasma and buffy coat on large cohorts of subjects. Recent studies have successfully used two dimensional gel electrophoresis combined with mass spectrometry and also candidate proteins to identify biomarker panels in dementia www. This well established approach can be combined with multivariate and class prediction models and the development of isobaric tagging mass spectrometry technology will allow simultaneous assessment of large numbers of proteins without gel-based separation.

RNA can now be easily collected from whole blood, saliva and fibroblasts stored in tubes containing stabilisation buffers that prevent the rapid degradation of mRNA. Exon arrays and digital gene expression profiling using modified massively parallel sequencing strategies represent the current state-of-the-art with whole transcriptome sequencing strategies currently being developed.

Whatever the platform, expressed transcripts are ranked according to false discovery rate, fold change and p-value. As expected in whole genome arrays a large number of genes differ between groups of subjects. In order to analyse group-wide changes further it is possible to use methods such as Gene Set Enrichment Analysis www. This bioinformatics-driven analysis compares experimental changes to those previously identified in both disease states and in biological pathways.

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Modern strategies for psychiatric neuroimaging are based on the use of imaging as both a scientific instrument for the study of the brain in translational research and as a clinical diagnostic tool. The ability to image both structure and function in a wide range of psychiatric populations from the infant to old age has expanded our horizons dramatically in the last two decades.

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Standardised imaging protocols are required for sharing subjects between different translational research studies and across centres, as well as for major imaging-omics studies. Large scale projects and replication of studies necessitate the adoption of such protocols for volumetric MRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI , diffusion tensor MR imaging, perfusion imaging PET and MR arterial spin labelling , receptor binding and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Standardising imaging protocols across both clinical and research work offers the potential to use routine clinical scans as a key resource for translational research and add value to clinical work.

In addition, we also develop new methods to incorporate faith into clinical treatment, conduct research on the relevance of spirituality to anxiety, mood, substance use, and other disorders, and train and educate to raise greater awareness about spirituality and mental health.

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Mental health covers a broad range of diagnoses and symptoms. These resources may be useful to find more information on mental health conditions such as addiction, borderline personality disorder, and OCD:.

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There are numerous organizations dedicated to providing informational and support resources for mental health. Use the links below to find out more about college mental health, mental health advocacy, smoking cessation, and more.

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McLean Hospital faculty have penned more than 50 books in recent years, including these books on a variety of mental health topics. Psychoanalysis as an Ethical Process by Robert P. Drozek Routledge, Rosmarin Guildford Press, Frankenburg ed. Greenwood, Camprodon, Scott L. Rauch , Benjamin D.

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Conclusive Results: Strategies for Collecting Quality Data in Psychiatric Clinical Trials

Coyle , Michael Williams, eds. Cambridge University Press, Applied Longitudinal Analysis, 2nd edition by Garrett M. Fitzmaurice , Nan M. Laird, James H. Ware Wiley, Schwartz, MD Beacon Press, Comprehensive Clinical Psychiatry by Theodore A. Stern, Jerrold F.

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