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In the second half, a clear description is given of the contents of the Universe, including accounts of stellar evolution and cosmological models.

Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics

Fully illustrated throughout, with exercises given in each chapter, this textbook provides a thorough introduction to astrophysics for all physics undergraduates, and a valuable background for physics graduates turning to research in astronomy. ISBN This book at Amazon print version, paperback This book at Amazon print version, paperback This book at Amazon print version, hardback. Back to search. Record created , last modified Similar records.

Primordial gravitational waves. Active Galactic Nuclei 3 lectures. Discovery, observations, classification, energetics, the standard model, host galaxies, reverberation mapping, jets, super-luminal motion, unified models, QSO population evolution, black holes in non-AGN galaxies. Gravitational lensing 2 lectures.

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Basic physics, Young diagrams, Einstein rings, critical surface mass density, strong lensing by galaxy clusters, caustics and critical lines, cluster masses, weak lensing, determining the Hubble constant, micro-lensing, constraints on halo objects. Exoplanets 6 lectures. Discovery methods.

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Characterisation methods. Statistics of known exoplanets.

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Formation, dust belts, exo-zodii. Composition, internal structure, atmospheric composition.

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The habitable zone. Future searches for bio-signatures.

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The Physics and Astrophysics of Neutron Stars. Arthur B. Congdon and Charles R. Programme M.