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Discovering inequalities

But despite all of these efforts, the gender pay gap persists. My first encounter with the gender pay gap happened several years into my career. I was relatively happy in my job. I was hurt, angry, and stunned. I started looking for a new job, and once I got an offer, I negotiated my starting salary for the first time in my life.

I was far from alone in that experience. Fifty-two percent of the women in our survey said that they have found out that a man either in the same role or junior to them made more money than they did.

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The roots of the gender pay gap can be traced all the way back to when women first took paid work. The type of work that women were typically allowed or encouraged to do was lower paid.

SAGE goes to Robber's Cave: Are the men still at work?

Fast Company writer Pavithra Mohan spoke with Kelley Rieger who has been a nurse practitioner for 20 years about how the public views her profession, and what changed when more men entered it. Many women feel that they have to drop out of the workforce either because their workplaces are inflexible, or because their salaries are so low that the cost of childcare is greater than their paychecks. Meanwhile, when women become moms, they are more likely to be viewed as less committed to their jobs. This serves to widen the pay gap. Shah found it impossible to find a job after taking time off to care for her children.

T his year is set to be the first in which there are more women than men in the university-educated workforce in America. Well, not exactly. Statistics released by Pew Research Global revealed that Significant inequalities are still in place in America and the rest of the world.

E39: Men (Still) At Work: An Aussie and a Kiwi

The gender pay gap still exists, men still dominate certain professions and women still report being treated unfairly because of their gender. Women of colour are subject to further barriers at work; they experience microaggressions, double standards and unconscious bias. The fact is that women are still underrepresented in key industries.

When she was in parliament , Harman felt she had to hide her pregnancies, her unborn child an unwelcome interloper in the House of Commons. So it's important to delve beyond simple statistics to uncover the reality of gender parity. After all, politicians and advertising agencies constantly use misleading statistics to curry public favour. Dropping in a percentage or two may make them sound trustworthy, but numbers never tell the full story.

The women featured in this article have shared their experiences in the workplace to help paint a picture beyond the data. Sharp is not alone. Other barriers include societal pressures and lack of role models. She believes that employing women in more senior positions will help close the gender pay gap, and that employers have a responsibility to ensure promotion pathways are open, especially for younger women.

People like James are important for women in the financial industry, which remains one of the worst for equal pay. Last March, it was revealed that investment bank Goldman Sachs International had a gender pay gap of However, in the UK, it is now a legal requirement for companies with or more employees to disclose how they pay men and women. When this first came into law last year, it was revealed that from 10, large firms, nearly eight out of 10 paid men more than women.

Men were also statistically more likely to receive that pay rise than women.

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Until women occupy more senior roles and receive fair and equal treatment, s images of female homemakers will remain in the rear window. Picture a CEO.

The Workplace Gender Gap and How We Can Close It

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E39: Men (Still) At Work: An Aussie and a Kiwi

Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. There is no reason to expect a split in every occupation, says Professor Blau. Female graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are less likely than their male peers to get a job in their field, and more likely to leave if they do.

Women in male-dominated jobs suffer more harassment and discrimination than those in mixed occupations. Parenthood increases segregation, with mothers in flexible, lower-paying jobs and fathers in inflexible, higher-paying ones, suggesting that motherhood influences and constrains career choices. Employers in male-dominated sectors increasingly fear that a dearth of women is bad for business. Studies have linked mixed-sex teams variously to improvements in productivity, innovation, safety and profitability. As a girl she never considered technical jobs, she says, because she never got to do woodwork or metalwork in school.

That has brought business benefits.

Traditional gender roles are shifting but men still need to do more housework

The number of injuries is about half that in male-dominated teams doing similar work. Because women are over-represented in low-wage jobs, minimum wages can have a large effect. Broadly, American states with a minimum wage above the federal level have narrower gender pay gaps than those without.

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Most Western countries have had equal-pay laws since the s. Over time these have gone beyond ensuring the same pay for the same job to requiring equal pay for work of equal value. Such comparisons are harder to make for white-collar jobs—between, say, human resources and information technology. Many have struggled.

The deadline for those with over employees has been extended by a year, to January One of the first to go through the process was Arion Bank. Does it matter for society at large that nearly all early-years educators are female and firefighters male?