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Outwardly, Ben Stephens appears to be a normal, hardworking family man.

Owen Laukkanen

In reality his life has been in turmoil since the murder of his wife, Alice, seven years ago. The killer was never caught. Now remarried - to the woman he was having an affair with while still married to Alice - Ben's life is once again spiraling out of control, and he's become heavily indebted to an unscrupulous criminal who is baying for Ben's blood. Falkenberg, Sweden. The mutilated body of talented young jewellery designer, Linnea Blix, is found in a snow-swept marina.

Hampstead Heath, London. The body of a young boy is discovered with similar wounds to Linnea's. Buchenwald Concentration Camp, In the midst of the hell of the Holocaust, Erich Hebner will do anything to see himself as a human again. Are the two murders the work of a serial killer, and how are they connected to shocking events at Buchenwald?

When East, a low-level lookout for a Los Angeles drug organisation, loses his watch house in a police raid, his boss recruits him for a very different job: a road trip - straight down the middle of white, rural America - to assassinate a judge in Wisconsin. Having no choice, East and a crew of untested boys - including his trigger-happy younger brother, Ty - leave the only home they've ever known in a nondescript blue van, with a roll of cash, a map and a gun they shouldn't have.

Along the way, the country surprises East. Zoe and Ollie Morley tried for years to have a baby and couldn't.

Owen Laukkanen

They turned to adoption and their dreams came true when they were approved to adopt a little girl from birth. They named her Evie. In the days following Evie's birth the new parents watch anxiously as their precious daughter struggles - she is battling the severe effects of the drugs her birth mother was addicted to. Seven years later, the family has moved to Zoe's native Yorkshire and grown in number: a wonderful surprise in the form of baby Ben. As a young female - and a redhead to boot - Maria knows that solving this case will help her overcome her perceived shortcoming in the eyes of her colleagues.

A solitary tent is found to contain the body of a half-buried woman. There are lash marks across her back. One of her hands has been cut off. Two years earlier Internet reporter Henning Juul lost his son, Jonas, in a domestic fire. As he returns to work, physically and emotionally scarred, Henning struggles to escape this past and to be taken seriously again as a reporter. Paul Desmond admires his close friend George Harlequin for his impeccable European breeding.

Head of a prestigious Swiss bank, Harlequin belongs to a vanishing class of gentlemen whose handshake is their bond. Then their gilded world is blown apart. A computer printout identifies the Harlequin et Cie bank as the target of a gigantic takeover.

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The mastermind is Basil Yanko, a ruthless financial genius whose instruments are fraud, blackmail and terror. He's been on high-stakes missions before, but this time the stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity. Because the race to evolve a superintelligent computer is on, and power players around the world will stop at nothing to get there first.

Private investigator Heredia spends his days reading detective novels; commiserating with his cat, Simenon; and peering out over the Mapocho River from his Santiago apartment.

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  8. The city he loves may be changing, but Heredia can't stop chasing the ghosts of the past. This time, they've come to him Two men One mission To kill the man with the iron heart. In Prague he was known as the Hangman. Hitler, who called him 'The Man with the Iron Heart', considered Heydrich to be his heir, and entrusted him with the implementation of the 'Final Solution' to the Jewish question: the systematic murder of 11 million people. In a quiet Alaskan backwater, a man named Danny Lewin has committed suicide. But this was no ordinary suicide. This was an agent who held secrets. A man haunted by his past interrogating prisoners in Iraq.

    And British Intelligence fear that he put his secrets down on paper. Before long Case is drawn into a manhunt that drags him into the murky underworld of contemporary espionage and leaves him questioning who his allies and who his enemies are. The rules of the game have changed since the Cold War, and now Case must impose his own rules The shooter is a young man, utterly unremarkable The events of that sunny springtime day will lead Stevens and Windermere to a flourishing 21st-century enterprise: a high-tech murder-for-hire social media website.

    But just who has the dead-eyed shooter targeted next Many strands ably woven together. See more. The Stolen Ones. Book 4. She has no ID, speaks no English. A mystery woman. The mystery only deepens from there, as Stevens and Carla Windermere, his partner in the new joint BCA—FBI violent crime task force, find themselves on the trail of a massive international kidnapping and prostitution operation.

    Before the two agents are done, they will have traveled over half the country, from Montana to New York, and come face-to-face not only with the most vicious man either of them has ever encountered—but two of the most courageous women. They are sisters, stolen ones. The Watcher in the Wall. Book 5. The Forgotten Girls.

    Book 6. They are the victims no one has ever cared about, until now. Agents Stevens and Windermere return in the blistering new crime novel from the fast-rising, multi-award-nominated suspense star. She was a forgotten girl, a runaway found murdered on the High Line train through the northern Rocky Mountains and, with little local interest, put into a dead file. But she was not alone. When Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere of the joint FBI-BCA violent crime force stumble upon the case, they discover a horror far greater than anyone expected—a string of murders on the High Line, all of them young women drifters whom no one would notice.

    But someone has noticed now. Through the bleak midwinter and a frontier land of forbidding geography, Stevens and Windermere follow a frustratingly light trail of clues—and where it ends, even they will be shocked. The Professionals. Book 1. Four friends, caught in a terrible job market, joke about turning to kidnapping to survive.

    For two years, the strategy they devise works like a charm—until they kidnap the wrong man. Criminal Enterprise.

    Book 2. Accountant Carter Tomlin has a secret. Desperate, he robs a bank. Then he robs another. Reuniting for the first time after their first case, FBI Special Agent Carla Windermere homes in on Tomlin from one direction, while Minnesota state investigator Kirk Stevens picks up the trail from another.

    Because Carter Tomlin likes robbing banks. Tomlin has guns and a new taste for violence. More in suspense. Mad River. They were average kids looking for something to do.

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    Today they started killing people. But when Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator Virgil Flowers joins the hunt for the thrill-hungry kids, things take a shocking detour. Shock Wave. The fifth Virgil Flowers novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author John Sandford A billion-dollar superstore has its sights set on a small Minnesota river town for its next outlet. Two very angry groups want to stop it: local merchants, fearing for their businesses, and environmentalists, predicting ecological disaster.

    Storm Front. Book 7. For Virgil Flowers, the link between the two is inescapable—and his investigation, more dangerous and far-reaching than he can possibly imagine. Deadline: A Virgil Flowers Novel. Book 8. The thrilling new novel in the 1 New York Times—bestselling series.

    KILL FEE by Owen Laukkanen Read by Edoardo Ballerini | Audiobook Review | AudioFile Magazine

    In Southeast Minnesota, down on the Mississippi, a school board meeting is coming to an end. The board chairman announces that the rest of the meeting will be closed, due to personnel issues. The proposal up for a vote before them is whether to authorize the killing of a local reporter. The vote is four to one in favor. Meanwhile, not far away, Virgil Flowers is helping out a friend by looking into a dognapping, which seems to be turning into something much bigger and uglier—a team of dognappers supplying medical labs—when he gets a call from Lucas Davenport.

    A murdered body has been found—and the victim is a local reporter. The White Room. Martyn Waites. A veteran returns from war to find a city torn apart by poverty and crime A year after the end of World War II, Jack Smeaton has returned to Newcastle, a nineteen-year-old with bone-white hair and a memory that cannot be cleansed.

    A visit to a socialist meeting puts Smeaton under the sway of T. Dan Smith, a future city councilman whose dream is to rebuild Newcastle.

    As they spend the next decades working to improve the lot of the working man, something sinister bubbles underneath the surface of their new city. Similar ebooks. Deception Cove. Owen Laukkanen. A rescue dog, an ex-Marine, and an ex-convict are caught in the crosshairs of a ruthless gang in remote Washington state, in this "first-rate thriller" Associated Press for "fans of CJ Box and Michael Koryta" Booklist. The only thing she actually cares about is that dog, a black-and-white pit bull mix who helps her cope with the devastating memories of her time in Afghanistan.

    After fifteen years -- nearly half his life -- in state prison, Mason Burke owns one set of clothes, a wallet, and a photo of Lucy, the service dog he trained while behind bars. Seeking a fresh start, he sets out for Deception Cove, Washington, where the dog now lives. As soon as Mason knocks on Jess's door, he finds himself in the middle of a standoff between the widow and the deputy county sheriff.

    When Jess's late husband piloted his final "fishing" expedition, he stole and stashed a valuable package from his drug dealer associates. Now the package is gone, and the sheriff's department has seized Jess's dearest possession-her dog.