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What is Nanophotonics? Early Examples of Nanophotonics 4. Nanophotonics in Mother Nature 5. Foundation of Nanophotonics Basic Equations describing propagation of photons in dielectrics has some similarities to propagation of electrons in crystals Similarities between Photons and Electrons Wavelength of Light, Wavelength of Electrons, 7.

Foundation of Nanophotonics Photon tunneling through classically forbidden zones. E and B fields decay exponentially. Electron Wavefunction decays exponentially in forbidden zones Foundation of Nanophotonics Confinement of Light results in field variations similar to the confinement of Electron in a Potential Well. For Light, the analogue of a Potential Well is a region of high refractive-index bounded by a region of lower refractive-index.

The idea of using sub-wavelength aperture to improve optical resolution was first proposed by Synge in a letter to Einstein in Tapered Optical-Fiber around Nano-Tip Quantum confinement Quantum-confined materials refer to structures which are constrained to nanoscale lengths in one, two or all three dimensions. Stroud, Physical properties of macroscopically inhomogeneous media, in Solid State Physics , vol. Ehrenreich, D. Turnbull Academic Press, Boston, , pp. Bergman, The dielectric properties of composite materials-a problem in classical physics.

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Infotech Oulu Graduate School - Introduction to nanophotonics

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Halide‐Perovskite Resonant Nanophotonics

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Integrated Nanophotonic Devices

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Bhat, E. Yablonovitch, Spontaneous emission extraction and purcell enhancement from thin-film 2-D Photonic crystals. Lightwave Technol.

nanoHUB-U Nanophotonic Modeling L1.1: Photonic Bandstructures and Bandgaps: Introduction

Noda, M. Fujita, T. Asano, Spontaneous-emission control by photonic crystals and nanocavities. Suh, S. Shanhui, All-pass transmission or flattop reflection filters using a single photonic crystal slab. Moreno, F. View graph of relations. Editor: Kim, Y. Monash University, Australia. The papers in this special issue focus on the topic of organic nanophotonics.

The most impressive outcomes include organic light-emitting devices OLEDs that are now competing with the well-established liquid crystal display technology in the mobile and television markets.