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Blood alcohol concentration gas-chromatographic analysis: validation and H. Jung, A. Jung, L. Hecser, D. Kraitr, Radko. Komers, and Frantisek.

Gas chromatographic study of. Analytical Chemistry , 46 8 , DOI: Di Corcia and Roberto. Gas chromatographic determination at the parts-per-million level of aliphatic amines in aqueous solution. Di Corcia and Fabrizio. Gas-solid chromatography of hydrogen bonding compounds. Analytical Chemistry , 43 12 , Di Corcia, Denes. Fritz, and Fabrizio. Use of graphitized carbon black for linear gas-liquid-solid chromatography of polar low-boiling compounds.

Analytical Chemistry , 42 13 , Mas, V.

Separations and purifications

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Henning Heberer, Gerhard Bittersohl. Michael E. Use of specfic retention volumes in the evalution of various types of columns for use in the trace determination of ethylene glycol by gas chromatography.

Gas Chromatography Testing and Analysis

Journal of Chromatography A , 1 , Szczepaniak, J. Nawrocki, W.

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Application of transition metal complex formation in gas chromatography, part II. Chromatographia , 12 8 , Subtraction method and its application in gas chromatography. John R. Lindsay Smith, Adnan H. Tameesh, David J. Porous polyaromatic beads.

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Interpret Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Results

Journal of Chromatography A , 2 , Anthony Benson, William J. Download catalog.

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Gas chromatography in Hindi - principle, procedure and applications

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