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Conan and the Manhunters. Non-Howard short stories some based on non-Conan Howard stories. Categories: novels Conan the Barbarian novels American fantasy novels. Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet. Contents 1 Plot 2 Reception 3 Notes 4 Reference. Short stories and novels. Original short stories by Robert E. Original novel by Robert E.

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The Hour of the Dragon. Non-Howard novels. Collections and other books. Conan books. Short story collections. Robert E. Subsequent authors. Other media. Sort order. Apr 28, Clint rated it liked it Shelves: dead-trees , fantasy , heroic-fantasy , reh-and-reh-pastiche , Conan pastiche is always a sticky subject.

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There are REH purists that will not read them on principle, and there are Conan fanatics that make little distinction. I fall somewhere in between.

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Metal was of prime importance. Many read before, some not. To the best of memory, I had not read this one before. Who can say? They take little time to read, are often fun, but have no lasting power. Having read a large percentage of his true, unedited, works. I prefer the pure REH to pastiche; however, I still read the pastiche of de Camp and Carter, but mostly through the lens of Roy Thomas and his band of, my favorite, Conan artists.

Fox and L Carter. Heroes with names like Brak, Kyrik and Thongor. Call these: Clonans, Clones of Conan.

Take the novel in review here: in this book, Conan trusts and depends a bit too much on Sorcery. He allows himself to be bullied into a plot that he wishes no part of. Conan is more of a thinker than many give him credit for, but the Conan of John Maddox Roberts is a bit too cautious. JMR makes a distinction between sorcerers and priests. The magic of JMR is a bit too flashy for my taste. I prefer subtle and mysterious. As an adventure story, Conan and The Manhunters is not terrible.

It clips along at a steady pace. It gives some memorable characters. At its heart, it is a heist story wrapped up in a chase plot, flavored with revenge. It even has some nice horror elements within the temple of Ahriman, but less Lovecraft and more splatter-punk. Like all good, or at least average, heist novels it is full of unseen complications and double crosses. It also has its weaknesses. The Manhunters of the title are a professional group of bounty hunters hired to bring Conan and his misfit pack of brigands to justice.

Of what? This bad ass dude is going to devour it all, so what are you going to be kings of? Did this subject never come up at your EVIL tea-party social hours? Jun 10, Charles rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. A decent fantasy story. Didn't feel a lot like Conan to me.

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This character is less impetuous and more controlled than Howard's Cimmerian at this time in his career. I'd probably rather just read about a new character. Apr 03, Stuart Dean rated it really liked it. Conan is thrown in the dungeon again because of a woman again. While waiting to be publicly executed he hears of a massive treasure. The Sultan of Shahpur has collected an entire year's worth of taxes and stored them in the new temple to Ahriman. After escaping from prison surprise! Conan rejoins the bandit gang he has been leading and convinces them to steal the treasure. Conan is actually more interested in getting revenge on the Sultan and his General than the treasure itself, since they s Conan is thrown in the dungeon again because of a woman again.

Conan is actually more interested in getting revenge on the Sultan and his General than the treasure itself, since they severely wronged him by capturing him and trying to execute him just because he is the most notorious thief in the region. A year's worth of taxes is more than Conan's band can get away with easily, so they engage the services of a wizard to help. The wizard refuses to go into thieving at first, but when he hears the treasure is in a new temple to Ahriman he agrees.

He also calls a convocation of all the world's greatest wizards, including Thoth-Amon, since Ahriman is such an evil god that even Set himself fears him and his return would be BAD. The treasure is stolen and thus begins the long chase. A group off professional manhunters is called in to track and kill the bandits and Conan.

They follow them through the desert, to Iranistan and back, and both bands are much depleted by fighting and sorcery before they even meet. And then the Big Wizard Showdown! A good read. Conan is a well seasoned bandit leader here, and the manhunters are a very interesting lot. The goings on in the temple of Ahriman are sufficiently creepy, and the sorcery flies with impressive fury and effect. Mar 08, Pierre Armel rated it liked it. As pointed out by other reviewers though, this Conan does not really fit with the Howardian Conan and there is probably too much magic as well.

A good read though. Jan 12, Aaron White rated it liked it. Fun read. Typical Conan.

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It's ok. In my opinion Maddox's Conan is way too civilized considering that he is among rogues and at a very early age in his adventures. Anyway, an ok read. Christopher rated it liked it Aug 07,