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To the Moon - PBS - 1999.07. 13 ✪ PBS Nova Documentary HD

Share this with your friends! Compose your message. Start Here Program Info. Buzz thought it was going to him, because generally the lunar module pilot, which he was, would be the first out the door. As it turned out, Neil Armstrong was selected to be the first man out.

Chasing The Moon

One of the great things about the Apollo project was that it was so infused with enthusiasm and optimism about the future. It showed that almost any technological problem we have, if you throw enough time and resources at it you can solve it. It gave people a great sense of being part of something bigger than themselves.

Having a national goal and setting a timeline and applying the resources has a kind of ripple effect through the culture, I think it is really positive. I hope it inspires us to do something bold and audacious again.

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Skip to main content. The three-part series aims to turn on its head the conventional stories about the moon landing, focusing on aspects such as "scientific innovation and [public relations] savvy, political calculation and media spectacle, visionary impulses and personal drama," PBS said in a press release. The series has three episodes. Part 1, "A Place Beyond the Sky," focuses on the space race the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in during the early years of the space program. Part 2, "Earth Rise," covers the human Gemini and Apollo missions that prepared for the moon landing.