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Losers are generally released into the trees, while the victors are kept to continue fighting in future matches. Two rhinoceros beetles fight.

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Lifts like this are acrobatic, but do not help the beetle win. At this arena, the only way to attain victory is to break the opponents horn or to have your opponent run away. Mr Buem, 40, and his friends cheer during a rhinoceros beetle fight. The sport is popular with Thai men. Women rarely participate. I wanted to win money!

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Although gamblers examine the beetles before placing bets, many say that there is no way to know beforehand which beetle will fight better. The beetles fight on a raised platform so spectators can watch.

The two beetle owners usually place a bet among themselves, then place additional bets with spectators. Mr Sak, 54, trains and gambles on beetle fights.

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Ten percent of gambling winnings go to the house. Mr Joker, 38, a rhinoceros beetle breeder displays pictures of his beetles. He says that beetle breeding is becoming big business. He travels all over northern Thailand selling his beetles. Now the rains have stopped there are not supposed to be so many insects around but this year the bugs have defied the predictions by turning out en masse see the picture of the sheet at Punjen, Wang Chin, at around midnight.

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I counted 82 hawk moths on […]. The most frustrating thing about finding moths is not knowing what they are. Any suggestions welcome. Apologies for the disruption. Meanwhile, I took advantage of the last moonless nights of the rainy season to continue my exploration of resorts around Chiang Mai and incidentally to photograph a few moths. Here is a small selection plus a few other creatures.

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Huge storms with nightly downpours, landslides and mud everywhere. Moths plentiful, the highlight being an Actias Maenas hanging from the branch of a tree which I spotted while driving along the winding wooded road to Chae Sorn one morning.

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