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Millions of books sold! Pyrography Patterns. Si explains woodburners, use of nibs, safety, unique projects, and so much more. If you are a beginning woodburner I suggest you buy this book.

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Very well written and instructional. Many nice pictures. Am learning to woodburn on gourds and this helping a lot. Am just a beginner so every idea is great for me. Breaks down the machine and tips and provides step-by-step projects. A lot of simple patterns to use. Nice to keep around and refer to as you burn! A Contemporary Twist on Woodburning Basics. Award-winning artist and pyrographer Simon Easton guides you through nine woodburning projects, while encouraging you to develop your own style.

This beautifully photographed, hands-on instructional guide to the art of pyrography will take you on a journey of skill-building lessons to create attractive projects with this hands-on book. Begin at the basics and finish with stylish, gift-worthy projects! Additional information Author Simon Easton. Brand: Fox Chapel Publishing. Fox Chapel Publishing. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Simon also created nine step-by-step projects to help you try out some of the ideas and tips. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced woodburner this book will inspire and inform you with its amazing designs and expert techniques which will bring out your creative side.

Home Books Pyrography Woodburning with Style. Be the first to leave a review. Add to Wishlist Create Wishlist required. Make wishlist public. Description Warranty Woodburning with Style: Pyrography Lessons and Projects with a Modern Flair Regardless of your artistic ability, woodburning is a rewarding craft that's practically infinite in its applications. Decorative Key Rings. Hanging Wall Clock Silhouette. If you are a beginner, Woodburning with Style will have you wanting to learn more, and if you are an experienced pyrographer, you will be inspired by Easton's designs.

Regardless of your artistic ability, woodburning is a rewarding craft that's practically infinite in its applications. With Easton's guidance, you'll quickly find your own creative niche within the art form. Whether you're a beginner or have been woodburning for years, Woodburning with Style will inspire and inform you with its beautiful designs, expert techniques, and creative vision. Get burning! It was many months ago that I first heard Simon Easton was writing a book. At the time it seemed such a distant completion date and such a monumental task that I admired Si's dedication in 'sticking with it'.

So when he asked for ways in which pyrography could be incorporated into other arts and crafts, as well as pictures he could work with, I am sure he was inundated with offers - I certainly stepped forward! The result is a seriously impressive book. Woodburning with Style is beautiful in its own right and could happily grace any coffee table whether you are into pyrography or not. The presentation style is very accessible, a comprehensive guide for beginners and more experienced pyrographers. Chock full of tips and techniques that walk you through 'how to achieve a look' but not so structured that you would not be able to develop your own style After all inspiration is flattering but outright copy catting is unfair and nasty.

When someone makes a craft look easy it's testament to their skill not that it is easy! Simon manages to impart technical expertise in a way that, if you follow his guidance, you would achieve a pleasing result too. On the Craft Forum Simon has always been very generous with his knowledge and this book is no exception. Some authors give you enough to 'be getting on with' but not so much that you feel confident, but Woodburning with Style is not like that, which makes a refreshing change.

Just why am I writing about a book that has nothing to do with glass? Well, Simon kept CF folk posted with his progress along the way and made everyone feel part of his project even though he alone was putting in ALL the legwork while the rest of us ooohed, ahhhed and urged him to keep up the good work!

On top of that, I recognise some of his pieces and it's fun to see familiar names through the book of other virtual friends. There is even an armadillo and that chess board is stunning! Lastly, a photo of mine made it into Si's book which I am very chuffed about. The step by step project based on the photo is awesome and truly showcases Simon's expertise and willingness to share his skill in 'drawing with fire'. Chock full of tips and techniques that walk you through 'how to achieve a look' but not so structured that you would not be able to develop your own style.

I wish Simon all the success he deserves! Also it's highly recommended that you go and get a copy before they all sell out! Perhaps on Amazon I'm really quite an amateur when it comes to the art of woodburning.


I played with it as a child, forgot about it, and became interested in it again a few years ago. This book was a real find. It covers everything, from selection of tools to basic techniques to complex designs. No matter what your level of expertise, you'll likely find something new somewhere in this book. There seem to be two basic tool choices available for those who want to try their hand at pyrography: the solid point tools that most children use - inexpensive, but less adaptable; and the hot wire machines - MUCH more expensive, but capable of real artistry.

The patterns in this book can be realized with either tool. I'm not yet to the point where I can justify the expense of a hot wire machine, so my experiments with the patterns in this book were all done with a solid point tool. I was amazed at how much more comfortable I became with the pen. Each chapter also contains a project or two that utilizes the techniques you just practiced. Get yourself some scrap wood and just go for it.

Chapters 1 and 2 are fairly basic. Chapter 3 starts to get more complicated, but even here, the project, a clock face decorated with silhouettes of trees and stags, is fairly simple, and the author provides sufficient instruction for the student to complete the project using their own choice of subject. Part of what turned me off woodburning as a child was the overemphasis on wildlife subjects.

You won't have that problem with this book. Chapter 4's project takes you from a photograph to pyrographic art. It's complex, yes, but the author's step-by-step layering of techniques makes it doable even for someone like me. I'll try to post a photo my version of this exercise later Each chapter provides the opportunity for the student to try new techniques, and perhaps look at woodburning in a new way.

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The appendices include information about different kinds of wood and pattern samples -- all good stuff. This is definitely one of the better books of its kind out there. I've started looking round my house for things to embellish with burn marks -- and I've been pouring over internet sites that offer things made of wood. This is going to keep me busy for quite awhile, I think. Simon Easton leads you through the basics of our craft with an in-depth exploration of tool styles, pen tip styles and even how to create your own wire tips.

His deep understanding of the art theory used in pyrography design is clearly shown through a series of wonderful sample burns and his illustrations that reflect his approach to executing any pyro project.

Woodburning with Style

This is a book that you will read thoroughly and then return to often as you grow in your craft of pyrography. The craft of woodburning, or pyrography, has been greatly aided in recent years by improvements in the pens and nibs points used for burning. Easton, an expert woodturner and metalsmith, discusses basic mark making and decoration techniques using purchased and homemade nibs and applies them to practice projects using designs copied from many sources.

There are not many books available on the craft, and this will be welcome in general collections.

Woodburning with Style: Pyrography Lessons and Projects with a Modern Flair by Simon Easton

Simon Easton's brand of woodburnlng is hip, edgy, and modem. He's transformed a classic craft into an art form that expresses contemporary style. With the author's new book, Woodbuming with Style, anyone can convey a unique personal flair. This page guide teaches readers how to "draw with fire" using a simple toot that's a cross between a pencil and a curling iron. Even new crafters can easily decorate any wooden surface and discover how to easily embellish objects with rich texture, patterns, and motifs.

It is only necessary to glance at the three pages devoted to nib shapes in this book to realise how the craft of pyrography has changed over the past few years. Pyrography i. But the craft that gives rise to this art has developed in a manner that is sure to encourage many who might have previously thought it too difficult to achieve worthwhile results. This book is clearly aimed at ensuring that aspirants are given the knowledge and guidance they need to embark upon their personal journey in pyrography.

20 Amazing Custom Wood Burning Art

Woodburning with Style begins with a short Introduction describing the equipment and materials commonly used. Chapter 1 deals with Simple Mark Making shOWing the kind of work that can be performed with the 'four essential nib shaPe::s'. There is also a page on troubleshootmg for those who may have difficulty achieving the marks shown in the illustrations relevant to each nib.

In Chapter 4, the author introduces the notion of Drawing with Fire - freehand sketching using a pyrographic pen. The next three chapters provide the information necessary for the reader to refine the techniques that are used when 'Drawing with Fire' - the creation of textures and patterns, the formation of lettering and the drawing of portraits.

In addition to the instructional material, the book contains projects designed to test the developing skills of the reader. Woodburning with Style is easy to read and well illustrated.