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James Watson - The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

Dodaj do koszyka. Unravelling the Double Helix covers the most colourful period in the history of DNA, from the discovery of 'nuclein' in the late s to the landmark publication of James Watson's The Double Helix in These hundred years included the advent of the Nobel Prize, antibiotics, X-ray crystallography and the atom bomb as well as two devastating world wars - events which are strung along the narrative thread of DNA like beads on a necklace.

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The story of DNA is a saga packed with awful mistakes as well as brilliant science, with a wonderful cast of heroes and villains. Watson and Crick solved a magnificent mystery, but Gareth Williams shows that their contribution was to click into place the last few pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle assembled over several decades.

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The story of the most significant biological breakthrough of the century - the discovery of the structure of DNA. What does it mean to make life? This book focuses on one of the key questions for culture and science in both Shakespeare's time and our own.

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Unravelling the Double Helix (The Royal Institution, 27th July 12222)

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Unravelling the Double Helix (The Royal Institution, 27th July 12222)

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