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Location Good Vibrations- Polk St. We went to pull all the covers back on our bed, and we noticed a few hairs so we looked a little closer, well they were black pube hairs.

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So we called the front desk and complained and they came over and looked at the room, and upgraded us to the majestic. So we packed our things and went to the majestic. When we got there we checked our bed again Do not go to the Sybaris. You could get something better at a cheap Motel!

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Not a good first impression. Then you walk into the reception area and they sell lube and other items that you do not find in a normal hotel. So being as we had already prepaid we checked in and then we got into the room. There was a lighted blacked out mirror thing above the bed with fake stars that lit up being as they had no windows, must be for the view that doesn't exist. Then the bed is only the mattress on the frame no box spring and horrible pillows.

Then you turn on the TV and they have free hard core porn. We stayed for our stay but needless to say it wasn't the romantic getaway one is supposed to think it is, this hotel has one purpose and one purpose only.

Not to say that isn't a good thing on your honeymoon which we were on but if it makes you feel dirty to even be in the hotel then it's just not the same you know. I don't want to know When we went to the front desk to just check out and get a refund. Since I was not paying such aoutrageous price to stay in filth.

The girl was extremly rude refused a refund. But offered to comp us a free 4 hr afternoon. A free aftrnoon! All in all what i thought to be a romantic getaway for my husband and self. Turned into nothing of that nature. I then noticed a disgusting green film on the ball!! Apparently, the pool was never properly cleaned! We left immediately and for the next 2 weeks had to take medicine for an infection. It was the most disgusting thing ever!

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  • I will never go back!!!!!!!!! They have fantasy rooms, in case you've ever wanted to sleep on a bed hanging from chains. Reviews and Stories from the Sex Hotel.