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From Spiritual Powers to Liberating Grace.

Each lecture is just under an hour, so could be used in 6 weeks but can most fruitfully be used over 10 or 12 weeks.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts : A Verse-By-Verse Study of 1 Corinthians

Kudos to those in Hollywood who brought this well made drama to the silver screen. Directly by Philip Saville, it is tremendously done. Digitally restored and remastered in a wide screen edition. Hear this simple exhortation to reject the values of materialism and ease; hear the call to give our lives in radical ways to the work of the Kingdom. It has two great strengths: Jesus cleans up various rooms in the house the bedroom, the library, etc and He waits quietly for the resident to invite him to meet in daily quiet time.

Lovely, interesting, useful. The Complete C. Wit, wisdom, style, grace, scholarship, charm and truth. There are other great Lewis books, of course The Weight of Glory comes to mind, The Four Loves is popular and his Letters to Malcolm on prayer is sweet but this one is a solid start for any good library. This is a deeply rewarding, rich text. There are other books on this, of course, but Lloyd-Jones is truly one of the greatest preachers of the 20th century, who held forth in London for a generation.

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This big volume is a treasure chest, laden with sound insight and important commentary. This is a fine, well-written, accessible book about skepticism and the validity of Christian faith in our age. And then read all his other books! Lewis fans all commend it.

Graham was more of a great reader than most realize and this is a fine example of his lasting writing ministry. Very nicely done.

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A very handy tool to have and to share with those who are perplexed. Is the New Testament Reliable? Very well done. Not to be missed. Ronald Tacelli, Ben Witherington. All have PhDs and each offer insight in this critical examination of the facts about the resurrection of Jesus. In particular it should be noted that the physical birth is really a process not a single event. The key to the entire birth process is conception note diagram. That which is conceived grows for about 9 months.

A crossing then occurs indicated by a dotted "X" from one phase of life to another phase of life. The baby has been alive for some time, but now it is time to "go public. The critical moment in the work of salvation is the conception, when the Spirit implants spiritual life. The outward expression, or conversion, is the inevitable consequence of a work that God sovereignly initiated. It is very important to have a conscious sense of having trusted Christ, but Evangelicals have tended to make the experience of "accepting Christ," and even particular types of conversion experiences to be the totality of the new birth.

In fact, conversion, or the act of trusting Christ, is a consequence, not a cause of the inner work of the Spirit. The work of God precedes the human response. The response we call conversion is indicated on the diagram by using a dotted X instead of a solid one. Knowing we have "passed from death to life" is critically important, knowing precisely when is not so important.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts : A Verse-By-Verse Study of 1 Corinthians 12-14

For many conversion includes many spiritual events and experiences. The process of coming to a conscious faith once the work of God has begun is what is known in Scripture as "calling" or what in the Westminster Confession is "Effectual calling. Unlike a physical pregnancy whose length is fairly fixed, spiritual pregnancy goes on as long as it takes God to bring us to repentance.

He uses family, the preaching of the Word, even suffering to bring us to this place. The old concept of the pastor as a "physician of the soul" or "curate" is particularly apt in describing the sensitivity required to know the right time to lead someone to faith. Summary and implications for witness. God justifies people solely because of the work of Christ on the cross.

This was accomplished years ago. The Holy Spirit awakens one dead in sin and gives the gift of saving faith.

Understanding The New Birth Pt. 2

Any presentation of the Gospel will fall on deaf ears until the Spirit begins to "call. In the actual experience of coming to Christ, very few people have an adequate understanding of the work of the cross. The faith that is exercised to reach out to Christ is frequently based on very elementary knowledge.

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This can be seen in many Scriptural and contemporary examples of people coming to Christ. Those who share the good news of the Gospel must be careful not to omit essential elements of the truth. At the same time it is vital to be sensitive to the realities of what is stated in 3. The beginnings of experiencing life in Christ should not be made to depend on understanding certain information, however true.

However people cannot truly come to Christ if they reject truths of the Gospel. Life in Christ is a gift of pure grace, received by childlike faith, which is part of the gift. We come to believe in Jesus, however inadequately we may understand. Spiritual growth of those who have begun with Christ is rooted in a deepening awareness of Jesus the Gospels and the cross Romans.

Assurance of salvation in Christ will come as new steps of understanding and obedience are taken. Do not talk people into assurance of faith, this is a witness of the Spirit. C Stephen Smallman Birthline Ministries, reprinted at worship.

Spiritual Birthline: Understanding How We Experience the New Birth

See also an interview by Justin Taylor discussing the birthline model and the book "Spiritual Birthlines" by Stephen Smallman, forward by Charles Colson. More Posts. Follow Me:. There is a middle ground of life experience we need to pay attention to: the old guys who have most of life behind them and the reality of impending glory before them. Are you a Muppet or a Man? Our family, which includes a 4 and 7 year old, recently took in the new Muppet Movie.

If physical birth is really a process, marked by an event when the unborn baby goes public, doesn't that help us understand the process of spiritual birth? I present this by first walking through the familiar experience of physical birth.

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  5. If there is a key moment, it has to be the point of conception, which is private and virtually invisible. Over time that new life grows until it inevitably "goes public. I suggest that helps to explain the process of spiritual birth: it begins when God sovereignly begins a new life in our dead souls. Jesus made it clear John 3 this was a work of the Holy Spirit, and in fact "born again" can be properly translated "begotten again," or "begotten from above. Reformed theologians typically speak of this season of spiritual pilgrimage as "effectual calling," and Paul frequently reminds believers in the beginning of his epistles of their calling to Christ Rom.