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Memory trace of motor learning shifts transsynaptically from cerebellar cortex to nuclei for consolidation. Role of cerebellar cortical protein synthesis in transfer of memory trace of cerebellum-dependent motor learning. J Neurosci. The site of a motor memory shifts with consolidation. Effects of reversible pharmacological shutdown of cerebellar flocculus on the memory of long-term horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation in monkeys. Neurosci Res. Zonal organization of the mouse flocculus: Physiology, input, and output.

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J Comp Neurol. Yamamoto M, Shimoyama I. Neurosci Lett. Brain Res. Behavior of floccular Purkinje cells correlated with adaptation of horizontal optokinetic eye movement response in pigmented rabbits. Behavior of floccular Purkinje cells correlated with adaptation of vestibulo-ocular reflex in pigmented rabbits. Demonstration of zonal projections from the cerebellar flocculus to vestibular nuclei in monkeys Macaca fuscata. Watanabe E.

Role of the primate flocculus in adaptation of the vestibulo-ocular reflex. Distinct kinetics of synaptic structural plasticity, memory formation, and memory decay in massed and spaced learning. Distinct cerebellar engrams in short-term and long-term motor learning. Kawaguchi Y. Two groups of secondary vestibular neurons mediating horizontal canal signals, probably to the ipsilateral medial rectus muscle, under inhibitory influences from the cerebellar flocculus in rabbits.

Target neurons of floccular middle zone inhibition in medial vestibular nucleus. Purkinje cell synapses target physiologically unique brainstem neurons. In vivo transduction of murine cerebellar Purkinje cells by HIV-derived lentiviral vectors. Comparison of various envelope proteins for their ability to pseudotype lentiviral vectors and transduce primitive hematopoietic cells from human blood.

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Location of efferent terminals of the primate flocculus and ventral paraflocculus revealed by anterograde axonal transport methods. Monosynaptic pathway from rat vibrissa motor cortex to facial motor neurons revealed by lentivirus-based axonal tracing. Left-right asymmetry of the hippocampal synapses with differential subunit allocation of glutamate receptors. Proc Natl Acad Sci. Multiple types of cerebellar target neurons and their circuitry in the vestibulo-ocular reflex. Regional and cellular distribution of protein kinase C in rat cerebellar cortex.

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Berlin: Springer-Verlag; Maintenance of high-frequency transmission at Purkinje to cerebellar nuclear synapses by spillover from boutons with multiple release sites. Effects of nucleus prepositus hypoglossi lesions on visual climbing fiber activity in the rabbit flocculus. J Neurophysiology. Mugnaini E, Walberg F. Mode of termination of primary vestibular fibres in the lateral vestibular nucleus.

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An experimental electron microscopical study in the cat. Yingcharoen K, Rinvik E. Ultrastructural demonstration of a projection from the flocculus to the nucleus prepositus hypoglossi in the cat. Morphology of single primary vestibular afferents originating from the horizontsl semicircular canal in the cat. Sato F, Sasaki H. Morphological correlations between spontaneously discharging primary vestibular afferents and vestibular nucleus neurons in the cat.

Dynamics of rabbit vestibular nucleus neurons and the influence of the flocculus. Floccular efferents in the rhesus macaque as revealed by autoradiography and horseradish peroxidase. Brodal A, Pompeiano O.

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The vestibular nuclei in the cat. J Anat. Brodal A, Hoivik B. Site and mode of terminations of primary vestibulocerebellar fibers in the cat. An experimental study with silver impregnation methods. Arch Ital Biol. Vestibular projections to the nuclei of the extraocular muscles. Degeneration resulting from discrete partial lesions of the vestibular nuclei in the monkey.

Am J Anat. Selective neuronal expression of green fluorescent protein with cytomegalovirus promoter reveals entire neuronal arbor in transgenic mice. J Physiol. Projection of reconstructed single Purkinje cell axons in relation to the cortical and nuclear aldolase C compartments of the rat cerebellum.

Umetani T. Efferent projections from the flocculus in the albino rat as revealed by an autoradiographic orthograde tracing method. Yamamoto M.

Volume 1 - Issue 2

Afferents to the abducens nucleus in the monkey and cat. The anatomy of the vestibular nuclei. Neuronal classification and marker gene identification via single-cell expression profiling of brainstem vestibular neurons subserving cerebellar learning. Glycinergic projection neurons of the cerebellum.

Morphological correlates of intrinsic electrical excitability in neurons of the deep cerebellar nuclei. Morphological classification of the rat lateral cerebellar nuclear neurons by principal component analysis. Diversity of neuronal elements and circuitry in the cerebellar nuclei. Eccles JC. Scanning Electron Microscopy 4 : , Specimen preparation of the human cerebellar cortex for scanning electron microscopy using a t-butyl alcohol freeze-drying device.

Organization of the cerebellar cortex viewed by scanning electron microscopy.

Scanning Microscopy. Supplement , Scanning electron microscopy of cerebellar cortex.

Scanning electron microscopy of vertebrate cerebellar cortex. Scanning Microscopy 2 1 : , Organization of the cerebellar cortex viewed by scanning electron microscopy. Neuroscience 14 1 : , Scanning electron microscopy of the granular layer of rat cerebellar cortex. Microscopia Electronica Y Biologia Celular 15 2 : , Scanning electron microscopy of the cerebellar cortex of Tilapia nilotica.

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Search Search. About this digital image. Description Scanning electron micrograph of the dendritic tree of a purkinje neurone in the cerebellar cortex of a rat brain. Rieubland, Sarah.