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Also, it would have been a felony for anyone to provide services and assist them, whether legally, socially or medically which would have made it very problematic even for immigration lawyers to provide counsel.

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One month later, the House and Senate bills moved to Conference Committee where they were supposed to be reconciled but the possibility was torpedoed by the House Republican leadership who listened to the voices of immigration restrictionists. The final version strengthened anti-immigrant law-enforcement, provided labor protections to only some categories of workers, and defined a tortuous path to legalization for a limited number of undocumented immigrants, establishing a very controversial multi-tiered system.

Instead of raising working standards for all workers. That three-tiered approach creates a caste society in which millions of hard-working immigrants are driven further into the shadows of American society, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. The th congressional session ended without a compromise, stalling immigration reform. Developed more intensely since , the measures consist of immigration raids, massive arrests, detention and deportation against the unauthorized immigrant workers living in the country — a vast majority of whom are Latinos.

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Among the numerous raids that have been carried out, one series also came as a direct response to the resistance immigrant workers formed in Iowa meatpacking plants during the May 1st mobilizations of Of course, such use of immigration enforcement was not unprecedented. According to Bacon, however, the biggest operation began in December in Nebraska when the INS looked into the personnel records of every meatpacking plant in the state, comparing the employment information including Social Security numbers with the national Social Security database. Requiring undocumented workers to come for an interview at work, the INS hoped to and actually did terminate the jobs of a significant number of them, leading to their arrest and subsequent deportation.

Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?

The ICE raid, in the words of a union organizer, was like a nuclear bomb. Workers started to organize as soon as , and their efforts were beginning to show. On May 12, , at 10 a. Driven single-file in groups of 10, shackled at the wrists, waist and ankles, chains dragging as they shuffled through, the slaughterhouse workers were brought in for arraignment, sat and listened through headsets to the interpreted initial appearance, before marching out again to be bused to different county jails, only to make room for the next row of The terror imposed on immigrant communities is not new, she says.

The category itself was created in with the numerical restriction implemented by the Johnson-Reid Ac t. In comparison, the literature dealing with the impact of the current Homeland Security State is only emerging. Yet, it is already providing us with an insightful understanding of the situation. The combination of act and speech policies and rhetoric makes the device a masterful instrument of power. The rule was postponed a number of times but, in August , the court decided in favor of the government and dismissed the case, making the final amended rule effective on September 8, One in particular H.

A correlated bill has been introduced in the Senate S.

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By withholding up to 50 percent of the DHS funds from the cities, the proposed legislation was evidently targeting sanctuary cities whose policies are seen as protecting immigrant rights. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut, to mention only a few, are prime examples of how some small towns have adopted sanctuary policies. By granting all residents municipal identification cards, thus helping the unauthorized to access public and even some private sector services, New Haven encourages all immigrants to trust public officials and helps them and the new Haven community at large to live safely.

Section g of the Act made it possible for state and local law-enforcement persons, such as police officers, to enter into agreements with the federal government to be trained in immigration enforcement, and, subsequent to the training, to enforce immigration law. However, it provided no general power for immigration enforcement by state and local authorities.

Several local and state officials have accepted to enroll into the program and are, as a result, authorized to arrest and detain individuals for immigration violations and to investigate immigration cases. In July she signed a law in favor of employer sanctions, threatening to suspend their activity. By embracing this notoriously problematic experiment, the new administration is not in line, to say the least, with the reform it has promised, and is already facing serious protest.

It underscores the wide range of views held by public officials and local communities on the subject of immigration management and the way they interact with unauthorized populations in particular. With a view to discerning the powers of the federal and state governments over noncitizens, Victor Romero examines what constitutional lawyers consider as the two sources that give authority to the federal government: the text of the Constitution and the decisions of the U.

Supreme Court interpreting that text. The Constitution says even less about the power of the states over noncitizens. In contrast, it strictly reviews state and local laws on the theoretical basis that noncitizens do not migrate to an individual state, but to the United States as a country. Such contrast in the deference granted to the federal government over noncitizens and the systematic review states have been subjected to, Romero contends, is likely to be scrutinized in the coming years as more and more states and localities try to extend their immigration power.

It is thus likely, indeed, that state and local governments will only legislate more.

Illegal Alien or "Undocumented Immigrant?"

State laws evidence such diverging views. Her ensuing proposition draws on her understanding of the intricacy of the situation:. The primary function states and localities play in this structure is to integrate immigrants, legal and illegal alike, into the body politic. By demonstrating how states play this role, I establish the proposition that immigration regulation should be included in the list of … state interests, such as education, crime control and the regulation of safety and welfare, not just because immigration affects each of those interests, but also because managing immigrant movement is itself a state interest.

Benhabib challenges membership as defined by the doctrine of state sovereignty: in other words, when regulated in terms of national citizenship only.

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To her, such modalities are no longer adequate. Consequently, urban settings - global cities in particular - have become spaces where political practices have actively developed. Among the multiple actors who have emerged in such productive spaces are the unauthorized migrants. This text is under a Creative Commons license : Attribution-Noncommercial 2. European journal of American studies. Contents - Previous document.

Abstract In the likely event that immigration reform will be discussed again in the U. As such, she importantly adds to a growing literature that sets out the political, cultural, and economic complexities of these debates. Lina Newton develops a valuable set of theoretical claims and strong evidence to show how official and social constructions of particular groups shape immigration reform and power distributions more generally. Tichenor,author of Dividing Lines: The Politics of Immigration Control in America "This superb study of immigration politics marks an important step forward.

Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant is an exemplary study of political discourse that shines a much-needed light on the divisive rhetoric that surrounds U. Welfare System "These arguments make significant contributions to the growing literature on the role of symbolic politics in immigration policy. You can select specific subjects that match your interests!