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Apr 13, Neula rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction-iron-age. Concise and brilliant. An excellent synopsis of the most interesting and most often quoted and misquoted source material. Highly recommended to anyone researching the subject. Jun 29, Karissa Bursch rated it really liked it. Relatively quick read that was very fair and informative regarding a topic I didn't know much about at all - Druids! A good reminder of how much of the ancient past is shrouded in mystery and has been lost to time.

A bad witch's blog: Review - Druids: A Very Short Introduction

Fun read on my train ride through Europe. Mar 20, amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: , ancient-world , history , religion , druids. Feb 11, Maya rated it it was amazing Shelves: druid-celtic-religion , ebook. Read my review at Celtic Scholar. I am an actress, and I found this to provide a lot of useful background information for playing an interactive ancient Irish druid character.

It had good historical context and good information about what druids did, their leadership structures, what people at the time thought of them, etc. A lot of druid books I looked at were either only looking at druids from one side for instance, the Roman side, which viewed them as barbarians , or they were too vague about what druids actually physically I am an actress, and I found this to provide a lot of useful background information for playing an interactive ancient Irish druid character. This book, however, was refreshingly straightforward and more comprehensive.

Druids: A Very Short Introduction

I did do some skimming, though, because this book has a lot of discussion of different information sources on druids and how they came about and such. It's important to know some of that and to understand why we can't know a lot of things about druids for sure , but there were chapters of it, and I was mostly interested in the content of those sources rather than the sources themselves. Overall, it was a very helpful book that helped me get a better picture of druids and also of Samhein which I needed to study and understand for my acting role.

I highlighted interesting and important parts so I could go back and study, and I had lots of yellow in it by the end. Jul 28, Becky rated it liked it.

The Druids: What Do We Really Know?

This is an academic paper written by an Oxford University professor of archeology. Still, the Roman This is an academic paper written by an Oxford University professor of archeology. Still, the Roman descriptions of Druids are interesting to read about. What we do now is that the druids were an elite intellectual class.

The paganism of today bears no resemblance or continuity of the original Druids. It is almost entirely a construct of the Romantic Era in their longing for the idealized past. Apr 16, Lijadora del Prado rated it liked it. Nov 30, Thomas Ray added it Shelves: history. For speculation about prehistory, the fictional book Stonehenge , like all Bernard Cornwell 's, is inventive and entertaining, a plausible narrative of what could've happened, within the framework of what little is known of the period. A fascinating subject which this book covers very well as the title says a very short introduction, however I suspect the author has covered everything there is to know about the druids as it seems that nearly everything that has been written in ancient texts was most probably plagiarised from one or two sources with the main one being Pytheas of Massalia.

Highly recommended. Jan 24, Alethea Hammer rated it it was amazing. This is a great little book for anyone interested in the Druids, or in European Ancient History. It is a good survey of the contemporary sources available, what is known about the sources and their limitations. I enjoyed it a lot.

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  • Druids: A Very Short Introduction by Barry Cunliffe 9780199539406.

Jan 20, Nicole Cunha rated it it was ok Shelves: microhistories. Everything else dives into how historians portrayed and transformed druidism to fit into Christianity. Wish I realised that sooner. Feb 18, Fiona rated it liked it. Informative, but very dry. An interesting introduction to the Druids, and this goes well with Cunliffe's work on the Ancient Celts. Aug 20, Bettie rated it really liked it Shelves: ancient-history , published , summer , philosophy , fraudio , nonfiction , archaeology. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Totally unplanned I have hit three Druidaic items this past week, just the way coincidence happens sometimes, and we all know that coincidences don't happen in ones. VSI Druids is a stunningly well written and informative book if you want all things henge and causeways, ley lines and sacred springs. It was Julius Caesar who said Druidism is rooted in Britain and if one wanted to study them, then a journey must be undertaken. Not much is known about the Druids and what is know is laid out here in Totally unplanned I have hit three Druidaic items this past week, just the way coincidence happens sometimes, and we all know that coincidences don't happen in ones.

Not much is known about the Druids and what is know is laid out here in a highly accesible fashion. Feb 02, Daniel Wright rated it liked it Shelves: vsi , history , ancient-history , religion-history , culture , archaeology , religion , paganism. Chapter 1: The Druids in time and space Chapter 2: The European theatre Chapter 3: The archaeology of religious practice at the time of the Druids Chapter 4: Enter the Druids: the first contacts Chapter 5: Altars steeped in human blood Chapter 6: Twilight in the far west Chapter 7: Renaissance and rediscovery Chapter 8: Romanticism and the rise of nationalism Chapter 9: Neodruids and the neopagans Chapter So, who were the Druids?

Sep 15, Aaron Johnson rated it liked it. Mostly a book explaining that there is not much to know about Druids. It could have been have the length or just a section of the Celts book. The wikipedia article would cover everything adequately. Mar 30, Bwebster5cox. Informative and well researched! The beginning was a bit slow for me, but the end portions were worth the read I have a new respect for Druids.

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Sep 06, AllInStride rated it liked it Shelves: history , religion. Quick overview on the truths and fictions about the Druids. Kind of like a longer Coles Notes about Druids. Piacevoli ascolti queste "Very short introductions". Jul 15, Sannie Hald rated it did not like it Shelves: borrowed , free , holiday-reads , library , read , research , paperback.

Druids: A Very Short Introduction

Not what I needed. Just got this book off Amazon and read it in a day. I have other books about the IA, but this is the only one so far I've read cover to cover, so I thought I'd review it and recommend it. What I like about this book is that it takes a very good, objective look at what we know about the Druids and brings together contemporary observations, the vernacular tradition of Wales and Ireland and the archaeology of IA Europe in a book that is easy to read, yet incredibly detailed and informative.

Cunliffe starts with a brief overview of all that has been written, interpreted or discovered about the Druids, then traces the development of 'ritual' archaeology from the stone age to the Iron Age to try and get an understanding of how ancient man saw his place in the world around, looking at burial and votive practices.

Next up is a look at the Archaeology of religious practices during the time the Druids are known to have been active. Next he looks at the first contacts with the Mediterranean world, breaking the classical commentaries into three groups: The Greek Tradition, The Late Republican Tradition and The Imperial Tradition, tackling each individually and examining the political and social biases that may influence each and which should be taken into consideration when dealing with contemporary accounts.

Having tackled contemporary Classical sources, he next looks at the Vernacular traditions of Ireland and Wales mainly that of Ireland , examining what we can learn from the Irish legends and laws written down by Christian monks and what they tell us of how Druids were gradually replaced by the Christian priesthood. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. A Very Short Introduction Druids: A Very Short Introduction. Every midsummer solstice hundreds of 'Druids' flock to Stonehenge in the middle of Salisbury Plain to celebrate the midsummer sunrise. By the 17th century — the Druids long gone — the last remnants of the ancient tradition of an intellectual elite had faded into the landscape.

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