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Dahmer's Not Dead by Edward Lee & Elizabeth Steffen (Trade Paperback)

Buy from our partners. When his neighbours began complaining of the putrid smell that was coming from his apartment, Jeffrey Dahmer explained that his refrigerator had broken, and promised to fix it as soon as possible.

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It was not until Dahmer was arrested in that police entered his apartment, and discovered that the stench was in fact caused by rotting body parts from the victims of Dahmer's year killing spree. The severed head of one victim was found in the refrigerator. Two more human heads were discovered in the freezer, along with a torso.

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A skeleton was found in a closet, while numerous other body parts were discovered secreted around the apartment in jars and containers. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the US's most notorious serial killers, killing and dismembering 17 men and boys in a killing spree that lasted from until The list of crimes committed by Dahmer includes necrophilia and cannibalism. After evading justice for almost 15 years, he was eventually given 15 life sentences in ; however, he had served just two years of his sentence when he was beaten to death by a fellow prison inmate in November Think again.

How it Really Happened: The Strange Case of Jeffrey Dahmer

The True Crime Shorts series is intended to give the reader a short, concise account of some of the most gruesome crimes in modern times. Or is he? Two weeks after the madman's body is buried, another cannibalistic murder spree begins.

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Fingerprints, DNA, and modus operandi all link Dahmer to the hideous crimes. Homicide cop Helen Closs is certain it's all a hoax or a clever copycat Dahmer's Not Dead is the latest collaborative effort by acclaimed horror novelist Edward Lee and serial-killer expert Elizabeth Steffen. Don't expect the same explicit hardcore horror that Edward Lee is so well-known for.