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Health Check-up & Screening

Even though prices at private hospitals tend to be a bit higher than other hospitals in Bangkok, they offer great value for money and the overall experience is second-to-none. If you live or are staying in Samutprakan, and would rather not travel to Bangkok, you can get a health checkup at:.

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Prices for these tests range from 3, baht to 39, baht depending on the type of health checkup you need. Prices can be higher for older patients.

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The most expensive program thus far is a comprehensive checkup called Holistic Female offered by Bumrungrad Hospital. Most basic programs will require a couple of hours, but programs with more tests may require four to six hours. The most basic programs like the ones in the table above are most commonly known as the Annual Checkup.

They cost about 3, baht to 5, baht. They cost about 11, baht to 21, baht. For those over fifty years old, there are packages that are sometimes called Comprehensive, Comprehensive Advanced, Ultimate Checkup, or Premium Life Program. Age groupings and package names are different at each hospitals so you should talk medical staff to find out which of these packages to get.

Medical checkup

These packages are more suitable to senior citizens and are about four to eight hours long and cost between 23, baht and 38, baht. Get eight hours of sleep. Sometimes, not having enough sleep can affect test results for body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Wear comfortable clothing so nurses and doctors can get to your upper arms for the blood pressure tests.

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You could occasionally drink water to stay hydrated. This may cause an abnormal result in your renal ammonia tests. If you really need to get the checkup while on your period, tell the nurse so they can cancel the urine test. And it helps your doctor if you can bring previous test results or medical reports. You should also check your personal health insurance.

After your health check-up, you get a small medical book with all your results and the doctor meets with you to go over them. The doctor usually asks questions about any chronic diseases, family health history, and your lifestyle. A positive test result means that a certain indicator for a health condition is present or higher or lower than normal.

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Inconclusive tests are, as the name implies, those that are neither positive or negative, or that the amount is clear enough to indicate normal levels or not. For example, a positive result is a good thing if your physician tests for presence of antibodies but bad if it indicates presence of the HIV virus. These are true for tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and other chemicals in the body. Anything below that is hypotensive and anything higher is hypertensive.

Normal levels vary according to age. After your health checkup your doctor usually recommends doing exercise or making diet changes. He or she may even suggest more tests. You can elect to take more tests right then and there, or you can waive them and take your medical concerns to another specialist. No matter what your age, gender, or current health condition, getting regular health checkups is a good way to identify health problems before they become bigger.

One of the main benefits of the API is the ability to wait until the cluster reaches a certain high water-mark health level.

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For example, the following will wait for 50 seconds for the cluster to reach the yellow level if it reaches the green or yellow status before 50 seconds elapse, it will return at that point :. The API returns the following response in case of a quiet single node cluster with a single index with one shard and one replica:.

Clinics & Centers

The following is an example of getting the cluster health at the shards level:. Elasticsearch Reference [7. Cluster Health edit. Request edit. Description edit. Path parameters edit. Query parameters edit.

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