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Airbrushed nation : the lure and loathing of women's magazines

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The Lure and Loathing of Women's Magazines

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    Face Value. Autumn Whitefield-Madrano. Alissa Quart. Shame Nation. Sue Scheff. How to Shop for a Husband. Janice Lieberman. Ad Nauseam. Carrie McLaren. Lance Glackin. Good Company Issue 1. Grace Bonney. Jennifer Jackson-Allen. Gawker Media. Acting Is Everything. Judy Kerr. John Nanto. Fiercely You. Megan Munroe. Airbrushed Nation: the Lure and Loathing of Women's Magazines , by Jennifer Nelson This has been my car book for a little while now--the book that lives in the car and keeps me occupied at odd moments of waiting for something.

    It's perfect as a car book, because although it's supposed to be analytical, it's also written a whole lot like a magazine, with short sections and a whole lot of those annoying little pull-out boxes with quotations inside. Jennifer Nelson has a lot of experience in the world of women's magazines, and here she takes them apart for us to inspect. She has lots of very interesting information about issues like: how the advertising is arranged, with a particular product placed right next to an article about the same thing how every single image is heavily altered images are "aspirational," not realistic why celebrities are now on every cover, every month, and how that's managed how fashion is advertised how a very narrow range of 'normal' is reinforced through every image, profile, and sort-of made-up quotation how magazines play on your fears to sell more copies It's all very interesting, even though I don't actually read women's magazines, precisely because of some of the things she talks about.

    Pretty much nothing in this book made me want to change my mind and start reading Redbook or Glamour. Posted by Jean at PM. Others are so glad they have found a solution to their serious mood problems that weight never enters into it. At least Marie Claire asked the question: Do you care more about your mental status or your physical appearance?

    In other words, if you had to take a drug that has a weight gaining side effect would you, and is happiness and mental well-being more important than skinniness? What do you think ladies, fat and happy or miserable, depressed and skinny? Last Spring Glamour got a redesign with a new demographic in mind. Behold the coveted year old age group. That is who they are hitting hard. The March issue is a glaring example of skewing young. The cover clearly looks like it could be the cover of Seventeen o r Teen Vogue. For the record Fanning is approaching Sporting a red Mickey Mouse midriff and a sparkly mini, Fanning is the epitome of youth or more classically, teenybopper-hood.

    Even the cover lines, once crammed edge to edge are cleared now less those bright-eyed young readers strain their vision scanning so many good reads. But what about the year olds Glamour wants to retain as they gain these younger readers?

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    If I could be so bold I might tell them to smarten up and not pull off another such cover. This issue anyway, looks more like a cross between Cosmo and Seventeen and certainly contains nothing much for a woman in her 30s or 40s. Be careful Glamour. If you want to be a Cosmo or a Seventeen , fine. Society pushes women to play up their attraction and rewards them for being pretty whether you have a pretty person job or not but at the same time we value the natural look.

    So which is it? Play up your beauty or go with the natural look? In the name of journalism, the author tries three beauty enhancers to see how they affect her life: hair extensions, false eyelashes and contouring make up. Ironically, she is mortified to let anyone know she actually has hair extensions, fake lashes or makeup that makes her cheekbones pop; less they call her a phony and protest that she misrepresents. The author experiences a mixed bag of results from her three beauty trials. The contouring makeup makes a good impression with a man at a rooftop bar until he erroneously guesses her age as four years older.

    Until you get the hang of expert application, you end up in a sweaty Brooklyn bar bathroom at one a.

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