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HR A is 50 percent larger than the red supergiant Betelgeuse , the star that makes up one of the constellation Orion's shoulders. Only 12 yellow hypergiants have been found in the Milky Way, and they are in an unstable stage of life, according to ESO.

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Yellow hypergiants are rapidly changing, and shoot out material that forms a large atmosphere around the star. Although the huge star is very far from Earth, keen observers can come close to spotting it with the naked eye, ESO officials said.

Is a yellow star, such as the sun, hotter or cooler than an orange star? | Socratic

The star shines about 1 million times brighter than the sun. Chesneau and his international team of scientists used a special technique called interferometry to combine the light from multiple individual telescopes, creating a giant telescope they used to observe HR A, ESO officials said.

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Original article on Space. Have a news tip, correction or comment? My grandmother was 17 in She was learning to become a seamstress in Budapest, far from her family who lived in the country.


She told me that she took off the yellow star on her clothes and escaped from the ghetto. Her sewing skills made her confident she would leave no sign of the removed star on her dress — and that, if necessary, she could sew the star back on.

She received false papers from her cousin who was involved with the illegal communist movement. Eventually, my grandmother was arrested and forced to march with thousands of other Jews towards Austria some time during the last months of the war.

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It is probably not by accident that what my grandmother remembered was not the moment when she had to put on the yellow star, but that she was able to take it off. While April 5th has never been an official memorial day in Hungary, the 4th of April used to be celebrated during communism as the Day of Liberation, commemorating that the last German soldier left Hungary that day in Close Navigation. Membership Purchase Tickets. Search for:. Members of a Jewish family in in Budapest 55 Pannonia street Source: Fortepan , donated by the Szilard family In another photo of the same family, the father and son are smiling, but signs of worry occupy the face of the young woman.