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New Resource: A Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama

Shakespeare A to Z : the essential reference to his plays, his poems, his life and times, and more. Shakesperean concepts : a dictionary of terms and conventions influences and institutions themes, ideas and genres in the Elizabethan and Jacobean drama. Rowse : a bibliophile's extensive bibliography. A census of Shakespeare's plays in quarto, The essential Shakespeare : an annotated bibliography of major modern studies. The major Shakespearean tragedies; a critical bibliography. A selective bibliography of Shakespeare: editions, textual studies, commentary.

Shakespeare : a study and research guide. Shakespearian bibliography and textual criticism : a bibliography.

Shakespeare’s sources

A life of William Shakespeare. The genius of Shakespeare. A life of William Shakespeare, by Sidney Lee; with portraits and facsimiles. Shakespeare [by] Anthony Burgess. Shakespeare : a biography. Shakespeare, the player : a life in the theatre. Shakespeare's life and art. Shakespeare's lives.

The influence of Shakespeare on everyday English

Shakespeare's professional career. Shakespeare the thinker. Ungentle Shakespeare : scenes from his life. Will in the world : how Shakespeare became Shakespeare. Young Shakespeare. The Cambridge introduction to Shakespeare's comedies. Faith and folly in Shakespeare's romantic comedies. A kind of wild justice : revenge in Shakespeare's comedies. Love and society in Shakespearean comedy : a study of dramatic form and content. Lovers, clowns, and fairies : an essay on comedies. The metamorphoses of Shakespearean comedy.

The myth of deliverance : reflections on Shakespeare's problem comedies. A preface to Shakespeare's comedies, Shakespeare: the comedies; a collection of critical essays. Shakespeare's early comedies. Shakespeare's festive comedy; a study of dramatic form and its relation to social custom. Shakespeare's pastoral comedy. Shakespeare's reparative comedies : a psychoanalytic view of the middle plays. The world must be peopled : Shakespeare's comedies of forgiveness. The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets. The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Poetry.

A Companion to Shakespeare's Sonnets. The Complete Sonnets and Poems. An Introduction to Shakespeare's Poems. The Life in the Sonnets. The Sense of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Shakespeare and Elizabethan Poetry. Shakespeare and Popular Music. Shakespeare: The Sonnets. Shakespeare's Poems. Shakespeare's Sonnets and Narrative Poems.

Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Court of Navarre. The Sonnets. Harold Bloom. Dover Wilson. Speech and Performance in Shakespeare's Sonnets and Plays. The Structure of Shakespeare's Sonnets. The poem comprises lines, disposed into 47 seven-line rhyme-royal stanzas. It draws heavily on Spenser and Daniel and is the complaint of a wronged woman about the duplicity of a man. Its connections with the narrative poems, with the plays, and with the genre of female complaint have been thoroughly explored.

Rosie Schaap—author of Drinking with Men: A Memoir— on her two favorite pastimes, poetry and drinking. Most scholars now concur that two brief passages were written by Shakespeare circa , and that one of them represents the only surviving example of a literary or dramatic manuscript in Shakespeare's hand. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. William Shakespeare. Shakespeare died on April 23, , on what may have been his 52nd birthday.

Poems by William Shakespeare. Related Content. More About this Poet. Region: England. Poems by This Poet Related Bibliography. The Phoenix and the Turtle. Sonnet 1: From fairest creatures we desire increase. Sonnet 2: When forty winters shall besiege thy brow. Sonnet 3: Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest. Sonnet When I do count the clock that tells the time.

Sonnet When I consider everything that grows. Sonnet Devouring Time, blunt thou the lion's paws. Sonnet Let those who are in favour with their stars.

Shakespeare's Contemporaries: Elizabethan Dramatic Authors

Sonnet When to the sessions of sweet silent thought. Sonnet If thou survive my well-contented day. Sonnet Full many a glorious morning have I seen. Sonnet No more be grieved at that which thou hast done. Sonnet Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all. Sonnet What is your substance, whereof are you made.

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Sonnet Not marble nor the gilded monuments. Sonnet Being your slave, what should I do but tend. Sonnet Like as the waves make towards the pebbl'd shore. Sonnet When I have seen by Time's fell hand defac'd. Sonnet Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea. Sonnet Tir'd with all these, for restful death I cry. Sonnet No longer mourn for me when I am dead. Sonnet That time of year thou mayst in me behold. Sonnet Why is my verse so barren of new pride.

Sonnet Farewell! Sonnet They that have power to hurt and will do none. Sonnet How like a winter hath my absence been. Sonnet From you have I been absent in the spring. Sonnet To me, fair friend, you never can be old.

A Man of His Times

Sonnet When in the chronicle of wasted time. Sonnet Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soul. Sonnet O! Sonnet Alas, 'tis true I have gone here and there. Sonnet O, for my sake do you with Fortune chide,. Sonnet Let me not to the marriage of true minds. Sonnet 'Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed. Sonnet No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change. Sonnet Th'expense of spirit in a waste of shame. Sonnet My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun. Sonnet Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan. Sonnet Whoever hath her wish, thou hast thy Will.

Sonnet When my love swears that she is made of truth. Sonnet O, call not me to justify the wrong. Sonnet In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes. Sonnet Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate. Sonnet Two loves I have of comfort and despair. Sonnet Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth,. Sonnet My love is as a fever, longing still. Speech: Bottom's Dream. Venus and Adonis. Show More. Anti-Love Poems. For breakups, heartache, and unrequited love.

Read More. Poems of Anxiety and Uncertainty. Confronting and coping with unchartered terrains through poetry. Poems for Retirement. Poetry about the joys and challenges of life post-career. Fall Poems. Poems to read as the leaves change and the weather gets colder. Poems to integrate into your English Language Arts classroom. Spring Poems.

Classic and contemporary poems to celebrate the advent of spring. Halloween Poems. Spooky, scary, and fun poems that will make your hair curl. Winter Poems. Perfect for snowy days and long nights by the fire. Love Poems. Classic and contemporary love poems to share. Gay and Lesbian Wedding Poems. Love poetry to read at a lesbian or gay wedding. Love poems that offer a realistic take on relationships today. Bottom's Dream. From Audio Poem of the Day May Prose from Poetry Magazine. By Clive James. By Kathleen Rooney. The plays, often rooted in ancient myth, in which these theatrical legends appear, have become archetypal stories, too.

Such ambitions came naturally. From the first, he was always pitching his work on the biggest stage imaginable. The motto of the Globe, his theatre, was Totus mundus agit histrionem The whole world is a playhouse. His plays seem to tell us that here is a great writer who is happily steeped in low culture and the English countryside as much as court politics and affairs of state.

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As well as the nailbiting intensity of Othello or Macbeth , Shakespeare can embody the laid-back nonchalance of the English amateur. Typically, Shakespeare seems to have left the stage with scarcely a backward glance.

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Despite having forever changed English life, language and culture, at home and abroad, Shakespeare remains an enigma. His work is a mirror on which we can reflect themes of love and hate, war and peace, freedom and tyranny, but the man himself is mysterious. After years, such magical invisibility makes him more than ever godlike.

Shakespeare was a writer who always seemed to be able to do what he wanted with the language, marrying Anglo-Saxon, continental and classical traditions in a weave of poetry and storytelling. When the good vernacular gets braided with Latin coinages, the English language is remade and renewed. Hamlet answers this uniquely modern question by redefining the theatrical expression of identity.