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The context for this toolkit might require some perspective.

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For starters, why "health inequities,'' when the term "health disparities" is used much more widely in the United States? The elimination of health disparities, for example, is one of two overarching goals of Healthy People It has taken numerous people over many years to get their voices heard and fight for the energy, commitment and resources to make a change.

7 HEDR Organizational Self Assessment Tool Communication

There is still a long way to go — systems as well as practitioners need to change. There needs to be a top down and bottom up approach to creating a domestic abuse-informed child welfare response in the UK.

ANNOUNCING: The Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self Assessment (CROS) Tool

We are all part of a global network that is facing the same challenges and we can learn and support each other to improve our response and achieve better outcomes for families affected by domestic abuse. I am encouraging anyone who works in fields that touch on domestic violence to join me there. Much like when I sat on my kitchen floor hoping for big things years ago, I know now what huge, mind-shifting training and insight happens at these conferences.

If your organization does not have paid staff, the self-assessment can be completed by board members or highly involved volunteers. For organizations with paid staff, board members will generally not know the organization's performance on most standards.

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So it is best to involve the board after the assessment has been completed. If you are going to complete the Self-Assessment without engaging others, you can proceed to the directions and Self-Assessment.

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If you want to use the Pathways consultation, contact Jan Burrell. Each person downloads a print copy of the Self-Assessment and the instructions for participants using the link below. Set a three-hour meeting. You may not use all of the time, but you'll want to be able to complete the process in one session.

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