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The book deals with the dynamical behaviour of single droplets and regular droplet systems. It has been written mainly for experimental researchers.

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After a short description of the theoretical background, the different experimental facilities and methods necessary for the investigation of single droplets are described in detail. A summary of important applications is included. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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Jie Wu, Ya-Dong Li. Dynamic performance of a static or throwing droplet impact onto a solid substrate with different properties.

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications , , Shear-driven droplet coalescence and rivulet formation. Superhydrophobicity vs. Advanced Materials Interfaces , 2 16 , Wu, J. Huang, W. Lattice Boltzmann investigation of droplets impact behaviors onto a solid substrate. Hotz, R. Mead-Hunter, T. Becker, A. King, S. Wurster, G. Kasper, B. Detachment of droplets from cylinders in flow using an experimental analogue.

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics , , Scientific Reports , 4 1 DOI: Moghtadernejad, M. Tembely, M. Jadidi, N. Esmail, A.

When fluid dynamics mimic quantum mechanics

Shear driven droplet shedding and coalescence on a superhydrophobic surface. Physics of Fluids , 27 3 , Dynamic behavior and micro-explosion characteristics of impinging droplets on a high-temperature surface. Journal of Visualization , 18 , DNA-aptamer gating membranes. Chemical Communications , 51 25 , Percival J. Graham, Mehran M. Farhangi, Ali Dolatabadi. Dynamics of droplet coalescence in response to increasing hydrophobicity.

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Physics of Fluids , 24 11 , We are interested in understanding how plastic rods unbend on a liquid surface, and about balls falling through viscous liquid onto a solid plate. We also look at problems in the areas of fully-developed turbulence involving fluids, magnetohydrodynamics, and multiphase flows from the point of view of statistical physics.

A major focus in our group is to develop an understanding of turbulent transport and the dynamics, collisions, and coalescence of inertial particles in turbulent flows. We also address questions related to the mathematics of the Euler, Navier-Stokes, and Burgers equations, in various dimensions, which include issues related to finite-time singularities, thermalised solutions of Galerkin truncated equations of hydrodynamics and the origins of intermittent behaviour in turbulence.

Our group is also interested in the nature of partial differential equations which govern fluid motion and methods of constructing solutions to these equations. These are studied by using a mixture of analytical and numerical techniques supplemented with experimental observations of the physical system in question.