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Architecture Viewpoint for Modeling Business Collaboration Concerns using Workflow Patterns

Topics include defining necessary reliability, testing fundamentals including issues and relationships of testing to other activities, test levels ranging from target of the tests, objectives, component testing, integration, system and acceptance testing, testing techniques including specification-based, coded-based, fault-base, usage-based, and nature of application, test-related measures for system under test and evaluation of the tests performed, and test process. The software design course examines the general software design concepts and design process and enabling techniques.

Topics include key issues in software design, software structure and architecture styles including human computer interface design, software design quality analysis and evaluation, software design notations, software design strategies and methods including heuristic and formal methods and component-based design.

The software measurements and quality assurance course provides an in-depth evaluation of the verification and validation process throughout the development lifecycle of software. Topics include software quality fundamentals, software engineering culture and ethics, value and costs of quality, quality models and characteristics, quality improvement, application quality requirements, and defect characterization, software quality management process, quality assurance, software quality management techniques, and software quality measurement, verification and validation including system and software verification and validation, and independent verification and validation, verification and validation techniques including testing, demonstrations, traceability, analysis, inspections, peer review, walkthrough, and audits.

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The systems engineering course examines the methods, tools, and validation techniques for the analysis, specification and prototyping of software systems. Topics include basics of systems engineering, system design constraints, design and requirements allocation, eliciting requirements, analysis, concepts exploration and evaluation, design process, defining concepts, architecting systems, prototyping systems, conceptual modeling of systems and validation, designing tests, analysis of risks and failures, acceptance tests, considering users, deployment and maintenance of systems, and practical considerations for software engineering of the world wide web.

Architecting Software Intensive Systems: A Practitioners Guide

The software maintenance course examines the principles and techniques used for the maintenance of software systems. Make space on your bookshelf that's located closest to your desk. Buy this book. Use this book. Few practitioners have the level of depth and breadth necessary to eloquently capture and explain the practical aspects of the software architecture discipline.

The author, Anthony J.

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    • Architecting Software Intensive Systems: A Practitioners Guide.
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