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He points out the obvious — young players have it easy and respect has gone down the drain. For me, he has gone up another notch in my book. His own words in this book are allowing him to express his true opinions without holding back and I really admire that. The chapters on his fellow footballers such as Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes were a wonderful insight. I was unaware that Rio and Lampard were the best of friends back in the day, but with playing as rivals, it seems to have taken its toll on their friendship. View all posts by Emma Louise. Review: Thank you to Blink for kindly sending me a copy.

Like this: Like Loading Having said that I feel he had much more to share and at well under pages this is not great value for money if we look at the full cover price.


But Rio Ferdinand is a United and England legend and I did find his views and perspective far from bland. Oct 24, Chris Doyle rated it it was amazing. Impressive and another compulsory read for true United fans. I very much enjoyed this book. Rio is very honest and comes across as very intelligent and entrepreneurial. It was fascinating reading his insights into his time at Manchester United especially throughout the David Moyes era as it gave a first hand account of why things were so bad and it was very interesting reading about the mentality top class players carry and the driving forces that push them to succeed.

Rio's insights into the racism incidents that affected both his friends and family an I very much enjoyed this book. Rio's insights into the racism incidents that affected both his friends and family and his insights regarding the England squad were fascinating and worth reading.

There were a few spelling and grammatical errors that I picked up on from time to time that unfortunately diminished my enjoyment of the book which has prevented this from being a 4 star review. Overall however a good, honest and enjoyable read from a remarkable, intelligent player. Oct 26, Kishore rated it really liked it. Absolutely brilliant.

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My opinions are not literary, but from the perspective of a football fan. A bold, expressive and honest Rio Ferdinand talks in detail about some of the highlights of his career, the highs as well as the lows. Within a few pages the reader would realize how we have grossly misconstrued some stories, thanks to the media. His style is not a 'footballing' language so to speak, but exceptionally candid; perhaps enough to intrigue the minds of those who don't even follow the sport Absolutely brilliant.

His style is not a 'footballing' language so to speak, but exceptionally candid; perhaps enough to intrigue the minds of those who don't even follow the sport. He has regarded every mentioned person with respect, even those who let him down. Oct 23, Adam Bowen rated it liked it. I brought the book as a quick read and I am a huge football fan. He seems a genuine guy and has been an excellent footballer for the past years, just awesome.

Also has some great insights to the game tactically and overall. The book has been really poorly edited and noticed mistakes in the texts I. Words missing and doubled up. But other wise a good easy read. Now on too Roy Keane.

Review of #2Sides: My Autobiography by Rio Ferdinand

This should be interesting. Oct 30, Simon Novosel rated it it was amazing. Sincere and with a lot of behind the scenes and Rios thinking. I hold a lot of respect for Rio Ferdinand, as a pro footballer and as a person. His autobiography was first published in and since then his life has suffered massive upheavals with the death of his wife Rebecca, who he refers to in this book as his rock. So we can blame him for the poor edit. Clearly, this is a popular format for sporting biographies, and this is the third publica I hold a lot of respect for Rio Ferdinand, as a pro footballer and as a person.

Clearly, this is a popular format for sporting biographies, and this is the third publication from the international defender. However, in this case, Rio's dialogue maintains a very readable flow of his thoughts and opinions on many football related subjects. As is usually the case, the English F. Having established the Rio Ferdinand Foundation he clearly wishes to give something back to society and he should be applauded for that. What comes across in this book is Ferdinand is a very level headed person, in spite of his fame and wealth.

After his retirement from the game in he now appears as a tv pundit. Perhaps his experience warrants a greater involvement in the game. Apr 12, Ian rated it liked it. Not as good as I had hoped. Labours his point to demonstrate how accepting and inclusive he is which becomes a bit tedious. Absolutely no mention of his ban for failing to provide a sample for testing makes him come across as arrogant. Perhaps this helped make him a successful player, although England still failed to impress during his era.

Jun 06, Mr G King rated it it was ok. Just a teaser It was a I'm read but felt he had more to offer more in depth mortgage stories etched.

Felt this was just scratching the surface of his journey. Honest and well written Rio tells you his honest storey about being a top professional football player. The book is easy to read and will enjoy people with a heart for Manchester United and a great football biography! I'm dallying between an okay book or a good one stars. I was expecting more than it is of that "the hard truth"-kind of book involving more players and events, than the parts with John Terry and Ashley Cole. At least it was the expression I got from the papers.

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An easy quick read, honest and okay. It's clear that racism is a central theme in this book, and a very important matter to Rio. An important issue that unfortunately isn't analysed more deeply by him. The language is pretty simpl I'm dallying between an okay book or a good one stars. The language is pretty simple and relaxed, I didn't expect more. Feb 20, Sami rated it it was amazing.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiography by Rio Ferdinand. Thank you Rio for sharing. I did enjoy this biography by Footballer Rio Ferdinand who shares his thoughts on life and Football. Not the usual Football biography where behind the scenes exposes are discussed but nevertheless interesting and entertaining.

No great revelations but a reasonably quick and easy read that entertains. Slightly different take on the usual football autobiography -- more thought pieces of how Rio sees football, its personalities and the other parts of his life including his restaurant and magazine. He comes across as thoughtful and certainly exhibits that he has what it takes to have life outside of football especially since he's not been in QPR side for along time now!

May 04, Gary rated it liked it. I watched Rio from a young age, and have always been impressed with him as a player. The book portrays him as a caring, and socially responsible man, with much to be admired. However, the book itself was pretty bland, nothing exciting or even any funny anecdotes. As the rating suggests, it was OK, but nothing more. Oct 26, Liliana rated it it was amazing.

Enjoyed it so much and learned quite a lot about Rio and football in general. The insight he gives about defenders and the beautiful game as well as his career, made me admire him and respect him even more. Rio is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite footballers. This is a book I enjoyed to the fullest and will read again! Feb 18, Saumit Iyer rated it liked it. If you're hoping for a complete autobiography with a structured timeline and one filled with details, this book isn't for you.

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  6. For all those Rio fans out there who want to know more about him, this should be right up your alley. It's a collection of Rio's fond memories and candid opinions. He's as Rio as Rio can get. A must for a Rio Ferdinand fan. I liked it. Never been the biggest fan of Rio as a player but thought his book would be interesting and was not dissapointed.