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First Female President of the Hungarian Chemical Society

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Zero liquid discharge solutions - Mr. Message from Keynote Speaker Dr. John C Warner. While I was only there for one day, I could tell that it was extremely successful.

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Congratulations on putting together a wonderful event. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do. It's truly inspiring! I am sure in the years to come they will vastly strength the awareness of Green Chemistry and become a catalyst for change for the Chemical Industry of India. My very good wishes for continued success. It was indeed a fruitful exhibiting at the Symposium which gave an insight of the Industry working for the Green Environment.

We had quite good interactions with few fellow industrialist to see how we can contribute to the same.

Global leaders of $3.5 trillion enterprise gathering for 2 days of talks

Thanks for your support and Congratulation to you and your team for the successful event. The society has ten regional bodies and eight workplace groups and supports 24 divisions and 13 working parties covering the main fields of chemistry. HCS sponsors or promotes a number of international activities, including conferences, and edits and supports various national and international journals. Representatives of the Hungarian Chemical Society are widely seen as leading players within international organizations.

Some important goals of my work are to make the society better known and more popular among Hungarian chemists, and especially to attract younger colleagues to join us; to cultivate good relationship between chemists and other professionals of other disciplines in Hungary; to represent the scientific interests of Hungarian chemists within Europe and beyond; and, last but not least, to promote chemistry at the national and international level.

Money is a necessary challenge and in my second term as president of HCS the biggest.

Candidates for District II Director, 2014-2016

I will work with my colleagues to establish new and more efficient ways in which HCS can increase its income to cover the cost of its broad spectrum of activities. In the 21st century world, science, in general, is very different to how it was when I graduated. It is now interdisciplinary, international, and must take account of economic needs, the concerns of consumers, and the aspirations of society.

Science and technology must stimulate and drive innovation.

Global leaders of $ trillion enterprise gathering for 2 days of talks | EurekAlert! Science News

As scientists we must be much more articulate and passionate about what we do; not just with other scientists but with policymakers, primary producers, large and small businesses, and society. In particular, we have to enthuse young people, and girls in particular, with the challenge and excitement of a career in science, engineering, and entrepreneurial activities so as to create the best possible next generation.

This must be done globally, in Europe, and in Hungary, and I am committed to playing my part in this necessary task. Its aim is to celebrate the role of women in chemistry that is generally little publicized.

Today, women certainly have more opportunities to study and so their presence in science is no longer unusual. However, women are still expected to fulfill their duties at work and then must take care of the household and bring up their children. Whilst there has been progress, women chemists in academia and industry are still not represented sufficiently well at the upper levels. This is a challenge for all of us, men and women, and I hope that in my professional activities I am able to offer an example to younger colleagues and students.

During the editorial work of this book I have read much about the lives and careers of many dedicated women and have come to better understand the problems that they had to face throughout their careers and admire their ambition, determination, and enthusiasm. They are an inspiration to us all.

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  • There are some important results we have achieved during my presidency. This multilingual web site, still updated regularly, won the Homepage of the Year contest in Hungary in , being rated top within the entire field of education. You can imagine that for a small country like ours these were great achievements, made possible by the enthusiastic and dedicated teamwork of young and experienced colleagues. Not only were these opportunities to promote Hungarian science and scientists, but they also brought many scientists to my country for the very first time.

    Hungary is one of many typical male-dominated national societies. I am proud, not just for myself, but for all women scientists in Hungary that, after more than a century, my society has elected a woman as president. To be re-elected for a second period is an enormous privilege.