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Long was elected to the Untied States Senate in , and continued his control of the state that continued to enact his programs. This book is not the typical biography that people are used to. The author mentions that Huey and wife Rose had three children, but only two of them are named at various places in the book.

Kingfish: The Story Of Huey P. Long | Television Academy

The book emphasizes the Louisiana political scene of the time and Huey's role in it. It is fascinating reading for those who want to learn about this period in the history of Louisiana. The book is lengthy but well worth the reader's time. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Copyrights Huey Long from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Huey Long from Amazon. View the Study Pack.

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View the Lesson Plans. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Williams News Jump to content. Obituary: Huey Lee Morris.

Obituary: Huey Lee Morris

Huey Lee Morris, 64, of Kingman, Ariz. Services were held at Praise Chapel in Kingman Dec. Join our newsletter. A countervailing theory that Weiss had only punched Long and that both men had been killed in a hail of bullets, or a ricochet, fired by the senator's overly enthusiastic bodyguards was quickly dismissed.

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  • At the book's climax, a distraught young doctor resembling Weiss assassinates the governor in a state capitol. Weiss Jr. The official version of Long's shooting seemed impregnable until , when a reporter for The Associated Press named David Zinman realized that no real investigative reporting had been done about Weiss and his motives.

    One Friend feat. Huey Williams - Henry Green, "Mr. Green's Session"

    He proceeded to interview Weiss' surviving relatives and others with knowledge of the events, something that no journalist had pursued before with real vigor. In Zinman published "The Day Huey Long Was Shot," a carefully balanced presentation of the story that reads like a murder mystery.

    Huey Long by T. Harry Williams

    Although Zinman did not provide a definite conclusion of what happened, his work exposed serious doubts about the official version and gave the counter-theorists a more level debating field. That same year, a journalist from the Long era who was an unabashed Kingfish fan, Hermann Deutsch, published "The Huey Long Murder Case," an adoring portrait of Long that reinforced the official version of the shooting.

    A somewhat more objective account based on extensive interviews was T. Harry Williams' Pulitzer-Prize winning biography, "Huey Long," which concluded that Weiss shot Long and missteps by the doctors who treated Long finished him off. Huey Long's life insurance policy made the news in Written by company investigator K. Ponder, the report notes the political maelstrom surrounding the incident. Probing the immediate cause of death, the report came to startling conclusions: "There is no doubt that Weiss attacked Long, but there is considerable doubt that Weiss ever fired a gun.

    There is no doubt that his death was accidental, but the consensus of more informed opinion is that he was killed by his own guard and not by Weiss. By determining the death was accidental rather than murder, the report meant that the policy would pay double indemnity to Long's widow. In , Louisiana political analyst and public relations consultant Ed Reed offered a blockbuster interpretation with his book, "Requiem for a Kingfish: The Strange and Unexplained Death of Huey Long.

    The traditional view of the shooting was that a single bullet from Weiss' gun ran through Long's abdomen.

    Huey Long Summary & Study Guide

    Using hospital and FBI records and interviews, Reed focused on the theory that at least two bullets were fired into Long's body. He examined the medical procedures in the Our Lady of the Lake Hospital operating room, which during the surgery was crowded with Long's political allies and doctors arriving from New Orleans and elsewhere to assist with the emergency care. Reed provides evidence that Long's urine was checked repeatedly, contrary to the popularized notion that the lead doctor, Coleman Vidrine, had failed to check for fatal signs of urinary bleeding.

    But more importantly, Reed says the doctors that night pulled a bullet out of Long's body and did not report it. A second bullet was left in the body, he claimed. The most significant evidence presented for this theory is a story related by Merle Welsh, the funeral director who served as mortician for both Weiss and Long. In an interview with Reed 50 years after the incident, Welsh said one of the operating room doctors came to the funeral home late at night, reopened Long's sutures and probed the corpse until he pulled out a bullet.

    Huey Long Summary & Study Guide Description

    Reed tracked down the funeral home assistant who claimed to have the bullet on a key ring as a memento. Soon after the release of Reed's book, the writer Zinman also interviewed Welsh and heard essentially the same story but said the mortician, then in his 80s, was clearly losing his memory. Reed backed up his two-shots theory with several references.