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I read an article about the fact that Yale University gave the group a small island off the Coast for their own private use. Has a huge mansion on it for use by the group only.

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John Kerry is also an admitted member. Think of how many millions of people are in the US and Skull and Bones only picks 15 new members a year. Pretty Scary. I've read that Harvard has their own organization too- called Scroll and Key, but has no where near the infamy that Skull and Bones has.

Every College has fraternities, if the members of a fraternity come from upper middle families, it will get little attention and its members will have little impact on world events. If on the other hand, the membership comes from the wealthiest and most powerful families in the country you can bet it will draw attention and its members will include some who become famous and powerful. It ISN"T the fraternity that counts, but rather the members.

Look up and see what it costs to put a kid through school at Harvard and then YOU make a guess at how many middle class kids go to school there. Look at how many important military people went to West Point and then look into how you get into it and learn that there is more to the world than conspiracy. Some times it is called Cause and Effect.

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We only know a little bit not all, right? Let me ask what is the purpose and the benefits of a secret society? It's an interesting post. But I'm guessing you are based in the US, otherwise you'd have included the Mafia and The Secret Order of Libertines, which seem to have people in every high place. I call them half secret socieities, because yes you know they exist, yes you know what a lot of them do, but you don't know the specifics, and that's where most people fall sort.

Finally, I'm tired of thinking every secret society or person in them is evil Perhaps some of them are, but you got tooons of people not in any group and are considered 'evil'. I think people get hung up on that, oo it's a group I don't know much about with fancy passcodes and odd meetings they must be evil!

I dunno.. There's something very conspiratorial, or at least highly exclusive about this situation where the richest families are paying their way through a system that enables them to continue their wealth and influence. We all know G. Bush is an idiot. It seems likely to me that he was placed in a position of power, not because of his political skills but because of who he is and the 'education' that he received.

Statements like 'well all know GW is an idiot" really how?

Beware the Ides of March. But Why?

Were we there with him at his office, did we see all his meetings, did we see all the papers he signed? Hell no, most of us only saw what he did on TV, you can't blame a president for a whole f'd up country, they're only there to look good and do minimal work, especially when corperations are taking over the government.

I think we cannot blame one person or a group for allll of our issues, esp situational and we certainly can't call them an idiot because we do not like the way things out. I guess he could of been an idiot at times, but then again so are some of the people who live in this country day in and day out, just complaining. It's not one sided, and it's not oooo we are ruled, it's a mindset that you are ruled, and if you keep thinking like that, then fine you'll remain a slave to yourself and others.

To free yourself you must think free, question, and fight with compassion and love. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Secret Societies Revealed And who are the Freemasons? Recommended Posts.

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Posted February 2, In the Case of Captain William Morgan Author of the book "Illustrations of Freemasonry", they just killed him, slit his throat from ear to ear and left his body floating in the river. In case you weren't aware, this part is a joke. Knights of Columbus Brief - Click Here!! Sutton - 92 P. Roberts - P. Greenfield - - P. Leavitt - P. Webster - P.

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Hoffman - II - P. Dennis Fahey - P. To British Empire - 71 P.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 2, edited. Umm, who are the Jesuits and The Judean Front? Edited February 7, by Tommy. And i've heard of the skull and crossbones soc. Bush actually admits to joining the group in a memoir. Bush Sr was also a member. Edited February 2, by DanL. DanL, Thanks for that fresh breeze of sanity. Posted February 4, Posted February 9, Posted June 21, Posted June 21, edited. I'm sorry but the club or rome and templar don't work together lol Wisdom of Ancient Sumer.

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The Secret of the Forgotten City. Ancient Rome Ancient Civilizations.

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Ancient Egypt Ancient Civilizations. Civilizations of Asia and the Pacific. The Secret of the Ancient Oak. The husia: sacred wisdom of Ancient Egypt. Recommend Documents.

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