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Log In Sign Up. Leighton C. His is an important intervention for Cuban- familial and sexual roles. He also shows how disparaging ists, Caribbeanists, and all those interested in understand- discourses linking effeminacy and cowardice have denied ing the nexus of desire and liberation in processes of racial- gay men both masculinity and Revolutionary commitment, ization, gendering, and sexuality.

He does argue that [] Cuban Counterpoint: Sugar and Tobacco. New York: Vintage. Such analyses of Florida.

Given recent attention to racial- Reservation Reelism: Redfacing, Visual Sovereignty, and ization processes and the bitter legislative and legal fights Representations of Native Americans in Film. Michelle H. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Miami University Interspersed with these discussions, Allen offers nu- anced ethnographic accounts of his Cuban interlocutors, Drawing from numerous theoretical and analytical frames, mostly young, urban residents, and mostly black. The book is what they privately desire.

There is Cole, a card-carrying neither a comprehensive history of Native American rep- Young Communist member whose views on racism Allen resentations in film nor a catalogue of recent indigenous catches in a moment of youthful flux.

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Sex workers, too, ex- filmmakers or productions. One is left craving more ethno- low-scale video productions accessible online. Nor does Allen use his material to re- vignette of real-world redfacing. Ignoring these implications, he measures social with recent anthropological work on indigenous media, as progress based on notions of individual sexual citizenship well as the framing of some indigenous visual culture as and erotic autonomy e. tv - English / Multicultural / Social & Cultural: Books

In the course of the book he de- ety of political, economic, and cultural contexts, in which scribes improving conditions, because of political openings contemporary media practices are in dialogue with the and changed official policies and practices but argues that past, leading to indigenous cultural healing. Raheja and other epic film representing the past. At times venting and indignant, the anecdote thropology, which unfortunately recurs. With Imprint, the au- filmmakers and actors, and poignant scenes of redfacing thor rightly acknowledges the interventions of Eyre, who and playing Indian.

Writing in Dust. Jenny Kerber.

CSCRE/ANTH 109: Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies

Critical Regionalism. Douglas Reichert Powell. Reading Native American Women. The Problem of the Color[blind]. Brandi W Catanese. Handbook of Native American Literature. Andrew Wiget. Steven Frye. Janet Walker. American Theology, Superhero Comics, and Cinema. Anthony Mills. Ecocinema Theory and Practice. Stephen Rust. Frank B. Wilderson III. Law in the Domains of Culture. Austin Sarat. Progressive Traditions.

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Joshua B. Deborah L. American Indians and Popular Culture [2 volumes]. Elizabeth DeLaney Hoffman. Almighty Voice and His Wife. Daniel David Moses. Native Americans on Network TV. Michael Ray FitzGerald. Patrice Hollrah. Red Matters. Arnold Krupat. Painted Earth Temple. Heyoka Merrifield. Land of the Spotted Eagle. Luther Standing Bear. Red Land, Red Power. Sean Kicummah Teuton. The Persistence of Whiteness.

Daniel Bernardi. George E. The Voice of Rolling Thunder. Sidian Morning Star Jones. Deforming American Political Thought. Michael J. Frances Densmore. Parallel Encounters. Gillian Roberts. Dressing In Feathers. Elizabeth Bird. High Stakes. Jessica Cattelino. The Black Indian in American Literature. Alexis C. Voices from White Earth: Gaa-waabaabiganikaag.

Winona LaDuke. Imagining Sovereignty. David J. Fragile Settlements. Amanda Nettelbeck. Creative Alliances.

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Molly McGlennen. Russell Meeuf. Fluent Selves. Suzanne Oakdale. Women Ethnographers and Native Women Storytellers. The Shoshoneans.

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Edward Dorn. A Companion to the Modern American Novel, - John T. Erotics of Sovereignty. Mark Rifkin. Plunder of the Ancients. Lucinda Schroeder. Just Ask Us. Sylvia Olsen. Imagining Legality. Christopher B. Christine Kim. Sequoyah and the Invention of the Cherokee Alphabet. April R. Native American Art in the Twentieth Century. Jackson Rushing III.

Hollywood Melodrama and the New Deal. Anna Siomopoulos. Megan Riley McGilchrist. The Modoc War. Robert Aquinas McNally. Cultural Representation in Native America. The Cherokee Diaspora. Gregory D. The Bar Three. Clarence E. Tainted Witness.

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