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The book excels in its ability to make the reader accountable for his or her career. In my opinion, the art field does need to be taken more seriously, and likewise, artists need to take themselves more seriously. Carey is somewhat successful in his attempt. While he is right to use his own experiences to help get his points across, he should have relied on them less and he should have spent more time on the practical tips and suggestions.

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Search for:. Reviews book review. There is an urgency to respond to the current administration, especially concerning the build-up to the coming election. Laure Prouvost. Alexandre de Guirkinger. Her grandmother did not, in fact , fly through the skies completely naked, suspended from an airplane. Luckily, we have official announcements to confirm what the artist is up to. Martin Puryear. Martin Puryear has influenced young artists for decades, but the U. The Venice Biennale has conveyed a sense of exclusivity in both its premiere showcases and the audiences it reaches. Michael Rakowitz. Daniel Asher Smith.

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In Dubai, he opened the first restaurant in the Arab world to serve Iraqi-Jewish food. Invited to attend the iteration of the Whitney Biennial, the artist declined, citing the compromised stewardship of vice chairman Warren B. Kanders, the owner of Safariland, a company that supplied tear gas for use on asylum-seekers at the U. Rakowitz is one of a growing number of art professionals who feel they can no longer afford to stay silent in the face of injustice. The letter written by the staff and signed by more than of them was not a work of institutional critique. What started all this was not an artwork, it was art workers who felt that their silence would tacitly accept the violent suppression of the dissident voices that many of us not all of us center in the work we do.

Alex Rotter. Courtesy Alex Rotter. In December, Gouzer stepped down, leaving Rotter in charge. As the art world watches to see what price records will fall, much attention will be fixed on Rotter. To that end, he has secured the sale of The Robert B. Perhaps the most exciting offering, though, will be the collection of S. Antwaun Sargent. Known as Sir Sargent on Twitter and Instagram , Antwaun Sargent represents a new generation of critics and curators who are actively working to make art by black artists accessible.

The year-old Chicago native turned New Yorker makes it a point to write for mainstream publications in which art is not a focus. Trade publications have overwhelmingly white audiences. Jonathan Schwartz. Courtesy Jonathan Schwartz. They are gearing up for Venice again, and while Schwartz has a hand in all manner of art events, he admits that exhibitions like the Italian biennial are particularly invigorating.

While many companies focus on a single aspect of the crating, local trucking, storage or customs brokerage process, Atelier 4 does it all. This year will bring a big expansion for the business, as they triple their Miami space.

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Alice Gray Stites. Courtesy 21c Museum Hotels. Now in eight locations across the United States, the unique 21c Museum Hotels model, where guests can sleep in an actual museum, is more than just an enriching experience. While they originally targeted underserved locations, their latest venture, slated to open in Chicago this fall, marks a shift: They now have enough name recognition to attract visitors in cities where there is no shortage of art. At the same time, they continue to grow their brand in smaller locales as well—two more locations in Des Moines, Iowa, and St.

Louis will launch within the next two and half years. At the helm is Alice Gray Stites, the chief curator and museum director. When asked how she measures success, Stites ties her metrics to standard institutional benchmarks: greater visibility for artists they collect, attendance and partnerships. This spring, the two entities will co-present an exhibition of works by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare C.

CK Swett. Working as a professional auctioneer is kind of like being the Seabiscuit of public speaking, and CK Swett is certainly a thoroughbred. But he quickly discovered that he was happiest when directing his considerable energy toward raising money for nonprofits. Not one to keep his skill set a guarded secret, Swett often shares tips and insights into organizing a successful charity auction with professionals in the nonprofit sector. Recently, you could catch him begging for one last bid at events like the Womankind benefit auction, the National Down Syndrome Society gala or the Worldwide Orphans gala.

Sally Tallant. Hugo Glendinning. The work, by Pascale Marthine Tayou, was one of nine large-scale installations that Tallant brought to the tent in a role the Liverpool Biennial director took on shortly before announcing that her presence in the New York City would be made permanent—she will become the new director of the Queens Museum. Javier Tellez. Nue Chanthavongsay. He famously turned down an invitation to represent Venezuela at the 50th Venice Biennale, citing the corruption and class warfare that plagues his home country.

But this year, he will lead the conversation on art and class through his own curated exhibition at Frieze New York. Hank Willis Thomas. Photo: Levi Mandel. Over the course of his more than year career, Hank Willis Thomas has employed the languages of photography, marketing and advertising to illustrate how pop culture messaging impacts our understanding of race. That perspective will receive much attention this year. The shows follow the launch of the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative currently on display at ICP , a collaborative project founded with Eric Gottesman that aims to fuse art and politics through public programming.

Billed as the most significant creative collaboration in U. This year, Thomas and Gottesman will be gearing up for For Freedoms 2. But Thomas has so much going on that it would be impossible to list it all. Henry Timms. Lincoln Center has had a tumultuous few years. In February, Timms was named president-elect of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where all eyes will be on him as he re-engages the cultural epicenter with artists, donors and the general public. But it is also a time of real need. The great irony of a connected age is that we often feel disconnected from ourselves and each other.

The arts help us find meaning like nothing else. Susan Tynan. Courtesy Framebridge. Susan Tynan started her company after a familiar experience: She attempted to complete a simple task and found the process to be unnecessarily convoluted. That endeavor, an arduous and ridiculously expensive effort to have four national park posters framed, gave birth to her company, Framebridge, which sells affordable, high-quality custom frames.

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Beyond that, her enterprise has created over jobs, many of those in Richmond, Ky. The gains Framebridge has made over the last five years have been significant, culminating this March with the launch of its first retail store. Now open in Washington, D. Think of Framebridge as the Warby Parker of picture frames, coming to a wall near you.

Courtesy W. In just over ten years, Working Artists and the Greater Economy WAGE has single-handedly changed the standard for artist payment at museums and nonprofits. Much of the shift came when the advocacy group started offering a certification program to institutions that followed their guidelines. Museums around the country worked to achieve certification and, as a result, this year, for the first time in its history, the Whitney Museum of American Art will pay artists for their participation in its biennial.

To that end, WAGE has plenty on the horizon. David Zwirner. Set apart from his peers by his museum-quality shows, superior business acumen, and his reputation for generosity and kindness, gallery magnate David Zwirner could easily secure a spot on this list every year. Beyond the nuts and bolts of exhibition-making, though, Zwirner invests wisely in those around him.

As a recent shareholder in a Renzo Piano-designed project by Casco Development Corp, Zwirner demonstrated his willingness to invest in the development of the neighborhood. Both an act of generosity and a quick move on an opportunity, the event saved galleries which might have otherwise lost thousands of dollars and drew collectors into the gallery all at once—not a bad haul for two short weeks of work.

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The brutal death that politicised New York’s art world

Careers in Technical Theater. Mike Lawler. The Profitable Artist. Patricia Reid-Waugh. Marketing Illustration. Marshall Arisman. Daniel Hardie. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. Tad Crawford. The Art Business. Iain Robertson. Mia Phlor.

Getting Sponsors for your art exhibit - and how to use them.

Draw 50 Baby Animals. Lee J. Contemporary Drawing. Margaret Davidson.

How to Fix the Art World, Part 1

In Transit. Gisele Aubin. How to Grow as an Artist.

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